Assist Group Announce New Noble Goal to Save 30,000 People From Workplace Injury & Ill Health

Assist Group, a leading Australian medical service and health testing company, today announced the release of their 2030 health goal.

Online PR News – 27-August-2022 – SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA – The ‘Noble Goal’ is to save approximately 30,000 people from serious injury or ill health through the delivery of their medical testing and health screening services by 2030. This goal can be achieved through the delivery of ‘on demand’ and ‘solution focused’ health and wellness strategies for company's Human Resources.

These strategies and health testing services aim to provide immediate intervention in reactive scenarios, including addressing injuries or incidents in the workplace that result in loss of productive time.

Their suite of medical and health testing services include pre-employment medicals, drug and alcohol testing, silica medicals, asbestos medicals, coal mining medicals, fitness for duty, manual handling, ergonomic assessments, and more.

“We want to look out for employee health and wellness and at the same time, help companies to boost their productivity. This ultimately reduces costs linked to workplace and non workplace illness, and a potential reduction in workers compensation premiums,” says CEO at Assist Group James Aldridge.

According to Safe Work Australia, the financial cost of workplace injuries and disease to Australian businesses is a significant $61.8 billion per year (2012-13 figures). This is approximately 4.1% of GDP.

The majority of the cost (95%) was borne by individuals and society. Workers bore 77%, the community 18% and employers 5%. Injuries accounted for $28 billion (45%) of the cost.

“We know that taking the time to identify workplace safety risks, understanding common injuries experienced and keeping your workers safe, is a top priority. Additionally, by implementing occupational health and safety policies, medical testing, and training, employers can demonstrate to their stakeholders that their business is socially responsible, while meeting a range of corporate goals and objectives,” said Mr Aldridge.

Assist Group’s standard (level 1) pre-employment medical provides all the basic essential health assessments, with audiograms completed as standard:
- Height, weight, body mass index (BMI)
- Vision tests (near, distance and colour)
- Audiogram (screening assessment)
- Abdominal examination (hernia identification)
- Cardiovascular examination (heart check, blood pressure, pulse)
- Basic lung assessment (chest sounds and peak flow)
- Urinalysis for diabetes and disorders of the internal organs
- Hand grip dynamometry
- Brief manual handling technique check – floor to bench only

More in-depth or tailored pre-employment medical services can also be provided where testing components are customised to the unique functional requirements of each role in a business. Utilising the software solution VitalSignRx® enables companies to have very detailed testing requirements per role in a predefined way.

Assist Group proudly works Australia wide and has locations or partner networks in all capital cities and many regional centres.
By providing their medical and health testing services, Assist Group is working hard to realise its 2030 Noble Goal of saving approximately 30,000 people from serious injury or ill health in the workplace.

About Assist Group

Assist Group was founded in 1986 and in that time has saved approximately 20,000 people from serious injury or ill health due to their health testing and screening services.

The Assist Group concept was developed around a core of industrial medical services at this time, and in 1997 developed the newer core of rehabilitation service delivery. In 2000, they developed into corporate health and wellness provision with exercise therapy being a primary service.

Assist Group’s vision is to become the outsourced total health management and wellness solution for company's Human Resources. Assist Group provides both ‘on demand’ and ‘solution focused’ health and wellness strategies, including a range of medical and health testing services. It also engages with partner entities to achieve this vision, coordinating a “best of breed” network of medical, health and wellbeing companies.

Their key service areas include:

- Occupational Health Services: pre-employment medicals, medicals for asbestos, silica, mining, Coal Mining, fitness for duty, and more.
- Manual Handling Services: onsite/face to face manual handling training/coaching sessions.
- Drug and Alcohol Services: drug and alcohol testing services, saliva/urine drug testing which also include drug and alcohol management plans and support.
- Ergonomic Assessment: effective and functional ergonomic assessments.
- WHS Initiatives: hazardous substances testing and workplace health surveillance testing, audiometric assessments, and ergonomic assessments.

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