ARC Facility Launches Next-Gen Mobile Facilities Platform

ARC Facility paves the way for futuristic facility management software solutions with a cloud-based facility management app.

Online PR News – 30-August-2022 – San Ramon – The importance of sophisticated - yet easy-to-use - mobile technology to facilities teams grows as the role and responsibilities of facilities teams expand.ARC Facility's new cloud-based Facilities Platform makes it easier for facilities teams to access building-specific documents via their ARC Mobile Facilities Dashboards.

In comparison to the facility management software, the mobile-based solution stands out due to its quick access to building data.

Facilities teams can choose from 5 different modules on the ARC Facilities Platform:
i) Building plans
ii) Emergency Plans
iii) O&M Documentation
iv) Construction Plan
v) Healthcare Compliance

The ARC Facilities platform reduces costs by consolidating data search time which slows down work order completion and other tasks while also increasing productivity and customer service levels. Facility teams can also share essential building information and access emergency plans via their mobile devices, thus enhancing emergency response, which normally is not possible with an existing web-based building management software.

“The first time a purchaser sees their building info on their iOS tablet or iPhone, organized in a user-friendly way in the dashboard, they realize that it will change how the manager operates and manages his/her buildings," said Rahul Roy, CTO of ARC Facility. He further stated, “Our team did not expect to discover such an opportunity for productivity improvement - that mobile solutions will increase work productivity up to 30%."

The average technology purchase by large facilities organizations (50+ team members) is almost twice as great as that by small establishments (10 or more purchases yearly). There is no mention of bigger budgets as the cause; small and large teams are equally challenged when purchasing technology. Effortless use of mobile technologies, and involving both IT and the budget approver in the assessment process were identified as factors that contributed to productive tech purchases.

This study was based on 229 surveys of facilities decision-makers in the U.S. who invested in technology in the last few years. Our research sought to understand technology tools and their uses and purchases to improve the functionality of facilities management software and building operations, as well as their aims, drivers, and obstacles.
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About ARC Facility
The facility management solutions of ARC Facility can address every phase of the building's life cycle. For maintenance requests, construction projects, emergency situations, and daily maintenance, ARC facility management software leverages all building data and simplifies the daily operations in a facility using an easy-to-use facility dashboard, like a mobile app.

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