APIRender.com Launches New 3D Rendering Platforms

APIRender.com has launched three new 3D rendering platforms in addition to the new release of its original platform: PropertyRender.com

Online PR News – 30-August-2022 – Brisbane, Qld – The CEO of APIRender.com, Steven Ungermann, has stated that “the company has shifted its focus towards project marketing services for new property development projects to cater for the increase in demand for high quality 3D rendering services, having provided architectural visualisation services to more than 1 billion USD million worth of residential and commercial real estate projects across twelve countries in the past 18 months”. The company has also recently completed large master-planned community projects in Zimbabwe and has a strong pipeline of projects in various cities throughout Australia and France driven by the strong residential and industrial property markets being experienced over the past six months.

The bulk of these rendering services delivered over the past 18 months has comprised of 3D interior and exterior renders, aerial photomontages, architectural animation, floor plan renders and virtual reality experiences. The new PropertyRender.com platform will focus on three core areas including 3D Rendering, project marketing services (i.e., touch screens, software development), and design & printing solutions.

“We are now also in a position to explore opportunities in the Marine, Retail and Automotive industries, and have launched our industry-specific rendering services through these three platforms including MarineRender.com, AutmotiveRender.com and StoreRender.com. Our focus is on quality, accuracy, and consistency to maximise the key phases of the project lifecycle”, he stated. According to a report by EMR, the global visualisation and 3D rendering market had a value of almost USD 1,924.3 billion in the year 2020. This market is expected to increase at a CAGR of 22.3% between the forecast period of 2022-2027. At the end of 2026, it is anticipated to reach a value of USD 6,486.4 billion by 2026.nd is expected to reach a value of USD 6,486.4 billion by 2026. Approx. 50% of this demand is driven by the real estate market, which is APIRender.com’s core focus.

APIRender.com provides innovative 3D rendering and project marketing services to the real estate, automotive, marine, and retail industry to assist companies bring their ideas to life. The company caters to property developers, project marketers, start-ups, and manufacturers across the globe.

For more information, please visit PropertyRender.com, APIRender.com, or contact Steven Ungermann at steven@apirender.com

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