'Stirrup Stories & Lambs’ Tales' by Anne Holland is published by New Generation Publishing

The author’s story combines pathos with humour, a sense of adventure and above all an over-riding love of animals – and life.

Online PR News – 31-August-2022 – London, England – ISBN #978-1803693637

“Stirrup Stories & Lambs’ Tales” by Anne Holland is published by New Generation Publishing

The author’s story combines pathos with humour, a sense of adventure and above all an over-riding love of animals – and life.

About the Book:

The myth of pretty lambs gambolling around in spring sunshine is exploded as the would-be farmers struggle through the worst spring for decades with a mix of humour and ill-temper, sorrow and, occasionally, joy. Life in the saddle, on the farm and with the pen is told in diverse tales of orphan lambs, runaway racehorses, pigs in the bath (dead), and lambs in the Rayburn (alive). Amusing anecdotes encountered by the first girls to ride under National Hunt Rules are also portrayed in a miscellany of country life, race-riding and farming in this appealing 1970s memoir.

The individual characters of the all-too-many orphaned lambs are at times uncannily human as they suffer trials, triumphs and tragedies in a reflection of life in general. The landscape around them is minutely observed and intertwined are the forays in point-to-points, and a mix of experiences as a local newspaper reporter.

About the Author:
Anne Holland is the author of more than twenty-five books, including the best-sellers Steeplechasing, A Celebration of 250 Years; Grand National, The Official Celebration of 150 years; Arkle, The Legend of ‘Himself,’ and The Secret of Kit Cavenaugh - A Remarkable Irishwoman and Soldier. Anne lives in a beautiful part of Wiltshire beneath the Marlborough Downs with her elderly Golden Retriever, a young Beagle, her beloved pony cob, Sailor – and two new hips.

Excerpt from “Stirrup Stories & Lambs’ Tales”:

“Most of the lambs were born at the far end of the field, down near the dell, making it exhausting work carrying them up to the barn. A pair of frail twins, still wet, wriggled in my arms, covering me in mess – soon washed clean by the rain – and we put them in the ‘intensive care’ unit.
It froze hard again that night, but with innate optimism and for the sake of sanity, we convinced ourselves things could only improve.
They did not.
With sploshes and squelches after the frost thawed, my gum-booted feet set forth into the lambing field and I was as soaked as if it was still raining; later in the day it poured again.
The first ewe I tried to bring in was so bolshie she couldn’t care less about her lamb. Next there was a fretful one, indignant at my intrusion. She snorted through twitching nostrils like an enraged bull. All created problems as we slipped and shivered up that slope.
Many had individual features, like old Big Teat; others had a curly fringe giving a boyish look. Then there were the escape experts, instantly recognisable by their loss of wool, left behind on various fences they had squeezed through. Some were gentle while others, probably those lambing for the first time, were wild and furious. These were the ones that sent us haring after them, with our exchanges becoming bluer each time.”

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