Services Marketing Authors New Book Will Empower Professionals To Use Marketing Through Attraction

Service professionals and owners of service-based businesses will learn how they can literally “clone” their best customers to build stronger businesses fast.

Online PR News – 31-August-2022 – West Palm Beach, Florida – WordCraft Club with SMART Facility (Services Marketing Advocacy, Rationalization & Training Facility) are happy to announce the publication of How To Convert Referrals Into Buyers And Fans Of Your Business. The book aims to empower service professionals so they can quickly and easily leverage marketing through attraction to grow their businesses fast, to free up more time, and to ramp up profits.

“Marketing through attraction is not only dignified, it’s simple, and it works like a charm for getting customers to love your brand,” said Chloe Evans, who is team leader behind SMART Facility.

“But it’s a proven marketing strategy that gets scant attention, especially today in the wake of COVID and the lockdowns because of the immense appeal – the dazzle – surrounding digital marketing!”

Smart Facility recently launched their free resource on that delivers premium quality training to service professionals and owners of service businesses. Marketing through attraction and referral marketing are some of the top themes in what they call the Leverage & Stack growth model for marketing your services.

“Research shows that most service professionals hate marketing and self-promotion,” says Chloe. “Referral marketing is therefore an obvious choice for them because it uses what you already have to build your business. It’s a growth model that does not rely on getting more and more new customers all the time.”

In the wake of COVID many service professionals will be struggling to make ends meet as the general population cuts back on spending. But for businesses this isn’t a time to cut back on advertising and promotion.

“When times get tough, the worst thing a business can do is to cut down on marketing and promotion, because that’s suicide,” says Chloe. “You actually need to do more marketing and promotion, not less. The trick is to find cheaper ways to promote that work, and then to invest 80% of your marketing resources working with those.”

Asked how referral marketing stacks up against digital marketing that is all the rage right now, this is what Chloe said:

“The return on investment in referral marketing is huge. I won’t go into percentages, but look at it this way… You’re getting the most qualified prospects and leads coming into your business – and almost for free. This means you eliminate 80% of the hustles that come with bringing in poor-quality customers – for example those you might get via your website or through social media. This translates into peace of mind, and working less and enjoying your business more.”

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