Huge SVGator Leap Forwards: One Click to Convert SVG Animation to Video With 4K Resolution at 60fps

SVGator steps up with a new SVG video export option. Custom animations can now be exported as high quality videos rendered in-cloud with transparency support.

Online PR News – 04-September-2022 – San Francisco, CA – SVGator just revealed the launch of their SVG animator app’s svg to video export feature. This update is a tipping point in the tool’s trajectory to becoming a full-featured design tool with outstanding ease of use and unparalleled workflow speed. This release is the latest in the team’s push to implement support for all of the most popular output options in the world of visual digital content creation.

Cloud Video Rendering With Up to 4K Resolution at 60 fps

One of the main strong points of this online SVG animation tool is the fact that exporting your final project has never involved the use of 3rd party plugins or apps. The creative process from start to finish, from drawing vector graphics, to animating them, and finally exporting them, can be done without leaving the tool’s intuitive interface.

Rendering SVG animations to high-resolution videos directly in SVGator’s cloud doesn’t involve external apps. From the quickest to render video export setting presets, to the highest resolution/frame rate settings, the tool does all the hard work. End users don’t need a performant computer to render and export their custom animations. There are five video format options to choose from (MP4, AVI, MOV, WebM, and MKV), each with their respective best-supported render codecs.

Export Custom Animations as Videos With Transparency Support

The SVG animator now supports video transparency, which means you can export projects with transparent backgrounds and/or partially transparent elements. By implementing this feature, the team behind SVGator instantly opened up the horizon for their user base, allowing for clean overlay of backgroundless animated assets in advanced video projects.

The ability to create your own custom animations with a transparent background, without needing to find workaround background removal techniques, is a huge workflow upgrade. Now, you simply have to make sure you have the transparency option checked and export your animation as MOV or WEBM.

SVG to Video Export Amps Up Sharing and Team-Project Collaboration

“Before our svg video export feature went live, both SVGator users and our in-house designers had to jump through hoops (screen-recording flashbacks!) in order to share the awesome animated vector graphics we were creating. We also had to find a workaround to be able to get feedback during the creative process. So we share the same excitement as our user base following this update!” says Erika Dosa, SVGator’s design lead.

The above quote just goes to show that the launch of this new output option is an improvement on more than one level. SVG animations rendered as videos can be streamed, embedded, shared on social media, and used in fast-paced team-project’s collaborative work.

About SVGator

SVGator is an online SVG creator and animation app. Launched in 2017, the tool was created as a barrier-breaker to make SVG animation accessible to designers without requiring any coding skills. Infinitely scalable vector graphics and their web/mobile performance advantage are the building blocks that the tool has been built on.

The app’s latest updates include the option to export advanced mobile app animations to two of the most popular frameworks, React Native and Flutter, and get programmatic control over SVG animations via the SVGator Player API. The ability to now export to a variety of video formats with transparent or semi-transparent backgrounds takes the cake for being their biggest feature release yet.

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