How to Take Charge of Your own Health with Mayim Vega
09/05/2022 founder Mayim Coralyn Vega discusses how to achieve holistic health and healing on the Cheap Mama Life podcast. Vega teaches anyone.

Online PR News – 05-September-2022 – Milwaukee, WI – Mayim Coralyn Vega, a holistic health and healing expert, has been featured on the Cheap Mama Life podcast. This interview is all about how to take charge of your own holistic health. The interview is available for free on her website and any podcast app. Mayim started the Holistic Life Academy, a site that is dedicated to teaching others how to achieve holistic health and healing.

Listen to the interview by going on YouTube and searching the Transform U Live Show and you can find the video version there as a special edition.

She believes that most people will benefit from learning about natural remedies for common medical conditions. She suggests that the easiest way to discover which natural remedies work best for you is through trial and error. Mayim also believes that the body is like a multi-layered onion and it's impossible to fix everything at once.

She believes that the best approach is to treat the cause rather than the symptom if you want to get better results in the long-term.

Arukah The Holistic Life Academy founded by Mayim Coralyn Vega has released a FREE mini-course on holistic health. The Holistic Life Academy is an organization that educates people on how to achieve holistic health and healing using natural health therapies. "I started this academy because I knew there had to be a better way to achieve holistic health.."

Helping people to help themselves is the focus of Founder Mayim Coralyn Vega