New book with cricket batting tips entitled ‘Getting to Grips’ by Toby Radford is published

“Getting to Grips: A unique batting breakdown for players, coaches and cricket lovers everywhere” is release by New Generation Publishing

Online PR News – 05-September-2022 – London, England – ISBN #978-1803693316

“Getting to Grips: A unique batting breakdown for players, coaches and cricket lovers everywhere” by Toby Radford is published by New Generation Publishing

About the Book:
It offers skills, drills and practical solutions to common batting problems. Toby Radford uses his experience as an international batting coach to offer invaluable insight into what makes the world’s best players so successful.

He describes the Five Fundamentals of batting – the basis of good batting - and uses an innovative mix of images and notes to describe so clearly what have always appeared highly complex batting techniques and movements.

Ten years in the West Indies, as batting coach to some of the world’s finest players, has enabled Toby to study his own players at close hand as well as some of the finest from opposing teams around the world.

The techniques, skills and drills Toby uses to great effect with the world’s top batsmen in the West Indies, in Bangladesh and with the ECB are all offered here to help take your playing or coaching to the next level.

Excerpt from “Getting to Grips”:
“HOW a batsman sets up, and especially his or her position at ball release is crucial. So many batting issues arise from a set-up that hinders effective movement and a consistent bat path to the ball.

The shots themselves are not difficult to play, but they are if players are unable to move quickly into the appropriate, balanced position to play them.

It is important that coaches acknowledge and accept individual differences between players. No two players play the same way and neither should they. Individuality and flair are what makes sport compelling viewing. Virat Kohli’s poetic cover drive, Viv Richard’s trademark flick over square leg or Robin Smith’s blistering square cuts.

Dig a little deeper beneath the glossy exterior of these fine players and other world class batsmen and what do we find?

Whether it is Steve Smith, Babar Azam, Kane Williamson, Ben Stokes or Marnus Labuschagne, each has his ‘go to’ shots, favours scoring in slightly different parts of the field, their individuality.

They also meet five key fundamentals which form the basis and the technical foundation of their batting.

Flashy alloys and glistening paint are only added to a Ferrari once the strong chassis is in place.

Batting is no different. Flair and funk are only added when a solid technical foundation and the key fundamentals are in place.”

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