Wakamura Foundation - Connecting People Around the World through Sport

The Wakamura Foundation is a non-profit organization based in California dedicated to creating opportunities that connect people around the world through sport.

Online PR News – 09-September-2022 – Los Angeles, California – The Wakamura Foundation is a non-profit organization that uses sport to provide opportunities for the next generation of international athletes and professionals. We work with a global network of partners to develop unique, memorable programs that educate and inspire.

Every year, foreign students make the decision to travel to the United States in search of opportunities at institutions of higher learning, hoping to equip themselves with the necessary tools and form key relationships that will lead to successful careers. Foreign student-athletes and aspiring sports professionals, in smaller numbers, make similar decisions to pursue their dreams abroad. The latter dream is focused on achieving some level of success as an athlete or in one of the many professions that support the various sports.

There are also groups of students who have yet to reach their full potential. These students have exceptional talent and skill. However, given their background and lack of exposure, their worth is not immediately obvious. They have gotten far less credit than they deserve. If given the chance, these students could also become world-class athletes and sports professionals.

The Wakamura Foundation's mission is to provide opportunities for these "hidden gems." Together with our partners, we hope to develop meaningful programs that will expose international students to all aspects of the sports world in the United States. We hope that by offering these programs, we can not only expose students to new opportunities, but also encourage them to think bigger and aim higher.

This year, we plan to launch a series of programs that will allow several groups of international student-athletes and young professionals to visit the United States and compete in sporting events as well as participate in short-term internship programs at high profile events across the country.

The Wakamura Foundation will use sports and education to break down cultural barriers. Through sport and education, the ultimate goal is to develop human resources capable of making positive contributions to society.