Yondu Launches Vessell, Offers eCommerce Solutions

Find out more about Yondu's most recent eCommerce solutions, which you can find in Vessell and which can help you succeed in the new normal.

Online PR News – 09-September-2022 – Manila, Philippines – Yondu, one of the Philippines’ top IT solutions companies, heeded the call of businesses and built Vessell, the platform to help entrepreneurs integrate eCommerce seamlessly into their processes.

Vessell offers solutions that allow businesses to grow their online presence. Their two main eCommerce solutions are an eCommerce website builder with inventory consolidation and integration and the GLife marketplace.

Vessell’s Focus

Vessell Product Manager Alex Pelayo says that the eCommerce platform will focus on giving business owners opportunities to thrive despite the limitations placed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, such as offering goods and services to a broader market and, consequently, nationwide delivery.

Pelayo explains that businesses will get better visibility with the eCommerce platform, no matter where their customers are.

Various payment options
Yondu believes that payment options are one of today's many challenges businesses face. Limited methods of payment may drive away customers who prefer a more diverse list. Yondu believes that payment gateways and delivery should be available out of the box. This is why the company equipped Vessell with options for payment and delivery, offering local e-wallets and courier partner options.

Better advertising
Vessell has a Product Management feature, allowing business owners to include more details in their products. This feature also aims to help businesses better advertise products and provide customers with meaningful information that would help motivate purchasing decisions.

Yondu’s Vision Through Vessell

The pandemic has brought about a prompt for owners to take their businesses online. When physical transactions were limited, entrepreneurs had to find new ways to get their goods and services out. Thankfully, eCommerce solutions like Vessell offer a simpler way for businesses to serve their customers.

Through Vessell, Yondu aims to give businesses a wider range of opportunities when it comes to advertising and sales and provide a more extensive list of features centered on customer service and satisfaction. The vision is to integrate tools and services seamlessly to keep track of stores, inventories, and checkout flow.

Pelayo explains that with the business landscape changing rapidly, they are using a more product-centric approach to development and feedback collection to understand the features essential to its users. This can help them make Vessell relevant and valuable today and in the future.

About Vessell

Vessell is the eCommerce platform builder of Yondu Inc, an IT solutions company wholly owned by Globe Telecom. It is specifically designed to help business owners build and manage their online stores with ready-to-use templates and tools. The eCommerce platform builder aims to help enterprises of all sizes scale and grow in a safe and reliable digital space.

To know more about the platform, visit Vessell on the platform’s official website: https://vessell.ph/ or email us at info@vessell.com.