Clearpol Launches Official Version of Software with New Features

Clearpol has released new features in their software to assist long-term care facilities in staying compliant with government healthcare guidance.

Online PR News – 10-September-2022 – Los Angeles, California – After experiencing rapid growth with its beta version, Clearpol has just launched the official version of its software, which is designed to provide long-term care (LTC) facilities with the tools they need to comply with federal, state, and local healthcare rules and regulations. With over 900 LTC facilities already signed up for software Clearpol is leading the way in LTC compliance. LTC facilities include assisted living facilities; intermediate care facilities; and nursing homes and other skilled nursing facilities.

The official version of software has several new features such as an “alerts” option, which enables users to receive instant alerts as soon as new regulatory guidance is issued. In addition, the official version has a comparison feature which compares previous and current versions of regulatory guidance so that users can pinpoint exactly how authorities have changed over time.

Another useful new feature is that users can now access expert analysis and opinions of regulatory guidance so that LTC facilities can digest complex regulatory language. Moreover, if users need clarification about a particular healthcare rule or regulation they can submit a question to a Clearpol LTC regulatory expert. The ability to obtain expert advice, coupled with 24/7 technical support, ensures that LTC facilities have all the support they need to craft internal healthcare compliance policies.

The newly-released official version of software also includes a bookmark feature, which enables users to save regulations which are particularly important to their facility so that they can be quickly accessed at any time.

Finally, Clearpol has added several group collaboration tools to its software which give LTC facilities the ability to create teams in order to work on specific projects or tasks. This is particularly useful when new regulatory guidance comes out that needs to be complied with by a certain deadline. The teams feature allows groups to set a deadline for completing the compliance task; specify who is responsible for completing the task; and reference the relevant regulation by inserting a link to the document into the teams project.

In addition, if a team member runs across regulatory guidance of particular interest while using that person can initiate a discussion with other team members about the regulation by clicking the “Discuss with Team Members” button, which then sends a link to the regulation to chosen team member(s) by e-mail along with any comments the sender wants to make. Similarly, there is a new “share” feature which gives users the opportunity to share a regulatory guidance document with anyone, including individuals outside their team and people who don’t have a account.

All these new features and much more can be found by signing up for Clearpol’s software at

Going forward, Clearpol has plans to branch out into other sectors using cutting-edge AI. According to Clearpol CEO Arash Jafari, “At Clearpol we are building the operating system for compliance and risk management for the healthcare industry and beyond.”