Finance Nation launches data-rich Fintech platform for property investment professionals

The new software will help to source funding from high-quality lenders based on advanced data analytics

Online PR News – 12-September-2022 – County Durham – UK-based financial technology company Finance Nation has launched its data-rich Fintech platform powered by innovative technology and advanced analytics to help businesses and property investors source funding from a network of high quality lenders covering over 90% of the UK market.

This new system helps Finance Nation's highly-experienced professionals keep up to date with the latest rates. This makes it easy for them to find the most appropriate finance needed to match their business ambitions.

Finance Nation is not looking for the best short-term or fixed-rate deals. They are looking to provide options that will match a client's aspirations over a long-term period..

Work with Finance Nation starts with a free initial consultation to discuss property portfolios, understand a business and where it wants to go. Finance Nation's services are accessible no matter where a company is based in the UK.

When small and medium businesses succeed, they create jobs, drive the economy and support local communities. In 2021, the UK government found that there was a £22 billion funding gap for small businesses. Yet, companies are desperately struggling to access this funding.

In such a fragmented and ever-changing lending market, being able to match funders with clients instantly, based on data, will transform how many people do business in the UK.

Steve Brown, Co-Founder of Finance Nation, said: "Most businesses still bank with high street banks, but their criteria have changed and become more constricted over the past few years, and they ask for more and more information upfront, which makes it more difficult.

"It doesn't really matter what business you're in. Finance Nation will guide clients through every step, whether it's a commercial mortgage, property finance, a bridging application, asset finance, or invoice discounting: we've got it covered."

What is Finance Nation?

Finance Nation works with property investment professionals and investors to manage their finance as they build a portfolio of high-quality properties. Finance Nation's highly-experienced professionals understand business at the human level. They use their innovative technology and a network of high quality lenders covering over 90% of the UK market to get their clients the right funding when they need it.

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