'The Black Swan Detective Agency' by Tony Flower is published by New Generation Publishing

This is an exciting new detective novel

Online PR News – 22-September-2022 – London, England – ISBN #978-1803694047

“The Black Swan Detective Agency” by Tony Flower is published by New Generation Publishing

About the Book:

“DNA, is what I read in the paper. That’s hard to argue with.”

Until an unofficial search of the victim’s room uncovers evidence that the police missed, or chose to ignore.

An engraved ring; a phone number; and an antique copy of Lorna Doone inscribed with a cryptic message. Do these items hold clues to the victim’s past; and could they have got the wrong man?

Can the collection of disparate characters that form the Black Swan Detective Agency solve the mystery and achieve justice?

About the Author:

Tony Flower was born in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, UK, where he still resides today. His first novel, ‘That Bloody Book’, was published in 2012. His second novel ‘The Girl Downstairs’, a strange tale in an unorthodox style, was published in 2014. The acclaimed ‘The Resurrection of Skinny Ted and the Brothel Creepers’ was unleashed in 2018 - musical musings aplenty and an abundance of humour and pathos.

You can read more about Tony on his website: http://www.tonyflower.co.uk

Contact: tonyflowerauthor@gmail.com

Excerpt from “The Black Swan Detective Agency”:

“‘She’s dead?’ he gasped.

‘It seems so,’ said Trevor, ‘and the fact that the place is swarming with the old bill, indicates that foul play is suspected.’

The fragility of human mortality hit Steve hard. His own brush with death still fresh in his thoughts, this awful news brought it all back. Would he have traded places? Would a world without him be preferable to a world without Bambi? Aesthetically, yes; there was no question. He couldn’t believe that anyone would want to harm such a beautiful person.
Steve noticed that some of the cops were positioned behind the pub’s thirsty clientele, presumably to ensure that no-one left the scene. It appeared that they were all to be questioned before they would be permitted to go on their way. Karen and Alan arrived and expressed their utter disbelief. Karen was particularly upset; she and Bambi had engaged in a long conversation the previous week after Karen had enquired about Bambi’s unique fashion sense.

‘It’ll be some bastard of a man that’s done this to her,’ she fumed. ‘Was there any sexual assault?’

‘No-one knows yet,’ said Sarah, ‘the cops are not saying anything.’”

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