Visage’s Recruiter Burnout Prevention Sweepstakes Announces Winner

Recruitment tech company Visage presents a sweepstakes prize to one lucky recruiter to help shed light on the detrimental effects of burnout on recruiters.

Online PR News – 20-October-2022 – San Francisco, CA – In Visage’s June 16th webinar, “Recruiter Burnout: Strategies To Support Recruiters In A Volatile Talent Market,” attendees gained valuable industry insights from HR leaders on identifying and combatting recruiter burnout for a more balanced and successful recruitment experience.

This webinar went live after Mental Health Awareness Month in May, in which Visage promoted mental health resources, helped bring awareness to burnout, and provided tools to help combat the onset of recruiter burnout before it escalates.

Additionally, this webinar represented the end of Visage’s month-long sweepstakes for recruiters who deserve some recognition and reward. While hundreds of recruiters or talent acquisition professionals were nominated on Visage’s website, Visage was thrilled to announce their winner, Stephanie Geistel, during the Recruiter Burnout webinar.

Stephanie received a $500 gift certificate to a luxurious spa of her choice and a free one-month trial of Visage with 400 profile credits loaded (worth thousands). These gifts are intended to help curb the feelings of recruiter burnout and prevent it from taking hold.

No matter what you call The Great Resignation (The Great Reshuffling, Reprioritization, Realization, Renegotiation, take your pick), an undeniable shift in the current world of work has occurred as there’s been a recorded 20% rise in average resignation rates. This turnover of talent and candidates has caused recruiters to report a 61% increase in stress during this period.

Recruiter burnout could look different for any talent acquisition professional enduring it. In fact, many recruiters who deal with burnout often have no idea that’s what they’re experiencing.

Visage set out to create this sweepstakes and webinar in hopes that recruiters everywhere can learn more about burnout in their specific field. Recruiters face unique challenges, and while no profession is unscathed by burnout, it’s important to make recruiter burnout recognizable and provide actionable insights into solving the phenomenon.

Recruiters simply don’t have time to log in and out of systems all day long. And, when you use a large variety of tools, it’s easy for information to get lost or inputted incorrectly. Visage offers intuitive, user-friendly technology that integrates into your already-using systems, making everyone’s lives easier and your candidate’s data safer.

For more information and recruitment success tips, check out Visage’s Recruiter Burnout eBook, a helpful guide to preventing burnout in one of the most valued industries in the field.

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