Nellcor, Masimo, Philips, and Other Brands Of SPO2 Sensors Available at EuroEnergy

Euro Energy is now offering Nellcor pulse oximeter sensors, DS100A, and other brands of SPO2 sensors such as Masimo and Philips.

Online PR News – 28-October-2022 – Leicester, Leicestershire – Euro Energy is now offering Nellcor pulse oximeter sensors, ds100a, and other brands of SPO2 sensors such as Masimo and Philips. If you're interested in finding the best brand for your SPO2 sensors, then read on.

The importance of choosing the right medical equipment supplies

If there's one thing you should note about the medical world is that accurate readings are everything. Medical equipment supplies are used on human lives and there's just no room for inaccuracy because a human life depends on it and on you to ensure that you are making the right decisions.

When buying the right medical equipment supplies, quality should be the number one factor. However, there are sub-factors considered when we're talking about quality. For example, if you're planning to buy a Nellcor pulse oximeter sensor or DS100A, then you have to make sure it's durable and that you bought it from a reputable supplier.

When it comes to Euro Energy products, you'll be able to guarantee that it is ISO certified, along with other necessary certifications for medical supplies to function and accurately deliver results.

Aside from Euro Energy being one of the most trusted suppliers in the world, we also provide you with the opportunity to compare and contrast brands of the same product. We also offer top-quality customer service before, during, and after a sale has been done. Our business operations run smoothly and without any interruptions.

SPO2 Sensors offered by Euro Energy

Physio Control Masimo SET Rainbow Reusable Sensor - DCI Adult 11171-00049 Original Medical Accessory

GE Trusignal SpO2 AllFit Adhesive Sensor Original Medical Accessory TS-AF-25

GE TruSignal Adult / Paediatric SpO2 Adhesive Sensor, 0.3m, Single Use, 25 pcs, OXY-AP-25 / TS-AP-25 Original Medical Accessory

Physio Control Masimo Red Direct Connect Sensor-Reusable Adult 11996-000332 Original Medical Accessory

Masimo LNCS Disposable SpO2 Sensor 1859 Original Medical Accessory

Physio Control Masimo LNCS Reusable Soft Sensor-Adult 11171-000052 Original Medical Accessory

Philips Reusable Adult SpO2 Finger, 8-pin Connector Sensor Original Medical Accessory M1191BL / 989803144381

Physio Control Masimo SET RC Patient Cable - 12FT 11171-000038 Original Medical Accessory

GE Nellcor DOC-10 Oximax Original Medical SpO2 Sensor Connection Cable 2008773-001

Nellcor Covidien SpO2 Sensor DS100A Original Medical Accessory

What is JOSCAR Accreditation and why should you care?

The cherry on top of all of this is that with Euro Energy, you are granted quality and safe products as Euro Energy is JOSCAR accredited to this date.

To give you further details on the JOSCAR accreditation, it is one of the most critical requirements in doing business, particularly in industries like the medical field because it requires a high level of compliance and transparency.

Euro Energy has successfully been re-accredited for 2022 and 2023, NCAGE number: U6072. With us, you are guaranteed to work with someone who is highly competent and you enjoy the benefits of working ethically with the use of our products. You can learn more about Euro Energy by visiting our website at