International Bestselling Author Jaden Rae Publishes Journal Focused on Microdosing for Depression

The Microdosing Guide And Journal was created for anyone curious about using psychedelics as alternative medicine.

Online PR News – 04-November-2022 – Las Vegas, NV – Jaden Rae wants to teach you about magic mushrooms. The daytime TV chef and creator of Steamy Kitchen is releasing a Microdosing Guide And Journal. This workbook-tutorial acts as a companion to those looking to begin the practice of microdosing to enhance their lives and find solace from mental health challenges. Jaden, herself, recently opened up about a long-time battle with depression, anxiety and alcoholism. For years, she attempted to overcome these issues with traditional antidepressants, but found herself numb and at the mercy of negative side effects.

One day, she was introduced to a psychedelic known as psilocybin, partaking in what is known as a “sub-perceptual dose”, and her world has never been the same. After adopting a microdosing practice (using just a tenth of a full “trip” dose), Jaden overcame the mental health issues and addiction that once plagued her and no longer requires SSRIs to find peace and happiness. These days, she grows her medicine from home and looks to share her story with others who may also benefit from the therapeutic effects of magic mushrooms.

“The side effects from the cocktail of medications I was prescribed were worse than the depression itself. I was walking around like a zombie. My life felt flat and numb, like I was living in 2D. After 27 years of emotional suffocation, I feel like I can finally breathe again. Microdosing saved my life.”

The Microdosing Guide And Journal features a wealth of information on the history and benefits of microdosing, how to create your own unique protocol, advice on sourcing and growing your own medicine and stories from others in the microdosing community, many of whom also overcame their own mental health issues through the use of psilocybin. The book also features interactive worksheets to aid you in fleshing out your microdosing intentions and expectations, as well as a comprehensive 60-day journal, filled with daily, weekly, and monthly pages so you can track your dosage, experience, and growth over time.

We’re pleased to announce that the Microdosing Guide And Journal is an international bestseller in 4 countries, including the US, UK, Australia and Canada, AND it ranked #1 in 14 categories on Amazon! You can purchase your own copy of the Microdosing Guide And Journal as a Kindle e-book and physical copy on Amazon.

Want a sneak peek of the Microdosing Guide And Journal? Download a preview chapter at and keep up with her microdosing journey on Instagram at @heyjadenrae.