WordCraft Club Announces the Publication of Gaming Addiction In Children by Pat Fonda

Parents will learn how to boost their kids’ self-control, how to avoid the common mistakes parents make, and how to turn gaming into a positive experience.

Online PR News – 04-November-2022 – West Palm Beach, Florida – WordCraft Club is pleased to announce the publication of Gaming Addiction in Children by Pat Fonda. This gaming addiction book is a guide for parents on how to mitigate the addictive impact of electronic and video games on young children – and how to turn gaming into a positive experience for the whole family.

“Video games give families a way to keep their kids occupied and entertained at a time when the space for unstructured play that our generations enjoyed is shrinking fast, especially in the cities”, says Pat Fonda.

“Our kids today are confined in the home, especially for families in high-crime neighborhoods,” she added. “But now we have a problem – video game addiction – and most parents don’t know how to cope with this new threat to the long-term health and well-being of their kids.”

A parent herself, with an eight-year-old daughter, Pat Fonda was inspired to write this book by a need to find answers herself to the problem of gaming addiction. It’s a problem nearly every family with children has to grapple with at some point, given the abundance of gaming equipment, tablets, and smartphones.

“Our kids are getting exposed to electronic devices from a very young age,” says Pat. “And with the COVID-19 Crisis and the lockdowns, video games became even more popular. That, and the ravages brought on by the pandemic – deaths in the family, loss of loved ones, losses of income, and so on – you can imagine that many people, including children, will have sought relief from all these stresses by turning to video gaming.”

This timely book covers a lot of ground, from discussing the reasons why children get addicted to video games, the mistakes parents make trying to prevent their kids getting addicted to gaming, what to do as a parent to help your child boost their self-control, the science behind why certain genres of video games are so addictive, how to choose the best games for your child, and what to do if your child is clinically addicted (what’s known as gaming disorder, or GD).

Parents will also learn how to decipher what insecurities your child has, or what emotions he or she is trying to find expression for, from looking at the video games the child prefers to play.

The book can be ordered from https://www.amazon.com/dp/B0B5DW3H6G or https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0B5DW3H6G, or from the other Amazon sites worldwide.

About the author
Pat Fonda is a mother, freelance writer, and also dabbles in home-based business as an affiliate marketer online. She is passionate about parenting, child development, and relationship topics. Writing self-help guides for parents, such as this video gaming addiction book is an adventure in understanding and relating with her own children and family. It is also her way of contributing by distilling crucial answers to the burning questions people have today from an increasingly unwieldy and junk-heavy internet.