'From a Dormitory Window: A Boy’s Life & Love at Boarding School' by Ian McCart is released

A coming-of-age true story about first love during A-levels

Online PR News – 11-November-2022 – London, England – ISBN #978-1803693323

“From a Dormitory Window: A Boy’s Life & Love at Boarding School” by Ian McCart is released by New Generation Publishing

A coming-of-age true story about first love during A-levels

About the Book:

For the author as a young lad, there was nothing particularly special about growing up abroad. It was rather taken for granted providing numerous benefits: half-day schooling, almost continuous sunshine and sandy beaches. It was an idyll that was to be rudely shattered with the advent of teenage years with an education that could only be continued via a boarding school in the UK. A rude awakening it proved to be, and the author vividly portrays the brutal juxtaposition between the two contrasting lifestyles.

The author then faithfully documents life in the senior boarding house whilst studying for A-levels. A two-year period underscored by a war of attrition with school discipline and tetchy teachers! But then, in the final year of study, a disruption that put all else in the shade. Falling in love with a young lady in the academic year below changed everything.

From that time onwards, priorities were, to paraphrase W. H. Auden, ‘jumbled in one common box…’ What would come out on top? There was surely only one answer! The author takes us through that final year of study during which an increasing love of poetry and literature is more than matched by an obsession with a ‘country girl’. The story, told in conversational style, is a mixture of humour, melancholy and with periods of contemplation and reflection – and, as might be expected, is laced with the arrogance of youth!

Excerpt from Book:

“The inherent interest in this attractive young lady, coupled with a continuing close study of romantic English Literature, is now providing an irresistible combination. It seems logical and common sense to test out the skills one might possess, combined with what one has learnt. However successful or otherwise, the poetry written cannot be handed in to Ducky for evaluation! It will have to stay hidden. A recent study period in the school library had the added and unexpected bonus of Barbara also doing some research and reading. Well, hardly unexpected! Once the knowledge of her study periods had been gleaned, it was odds on that she could be found in the library at specified times. It has been possible to sit at the same table as Barbara whilst in the library but, generally, opposite her so that any interest did not appear too obvious, particularly with others studying in the library. The golden rule of library research and reading – no talking.

There has been, however, a mutual acknowledgement of the others presence, with attendant smiles being exchanged. Have you noticed, Barbara, that there has been considerably more interest in you than in the library books detailing, for instance, the events leading up to the end of the French religious wars? The library study periods have spawned the following, scribbled out in this dormitory room at an ungodly hour – but the mind is brimming over – the brain is bursting, in turmoil almost, with the vision of this young lady.

Somehow, it needs to be expressed,

What thoughts surrounded that pretty-head,
Whilst quietly she sat and mused?
Was her heart firmly implanted on future love?
I envy him: to feel that smooth light inviting skin,
Her light brown hair falling far down her back:
Oh creation, what does she lack?
The firm face matches an excellent figure,
A sturdy stance, an upright walk.
Oh, for a small chat, a private talk with her:
Is that calm temperament so real?
Then to touch those smooth rose cheeks,
To feel her charm.
But oh, I am troubled by the most horrible thoughts.
Dear Barbara, are you really as quiet, as tame, as you look?

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