Introducing the world's first 100%, non-flammable & biodegradable heat & sound insulation material

A Bulgarian manufacturer of soundproofing & acoustics has just patented the world's first 100% environmentally friendly, non-flammable & biodegradable panel.

Online PR News – 21-January-2023 – Sofia, Bulgaria – Bulgarian company DECIBEL received the long-awaited news that their patent application for the most durable insulation material ever accepted was accepted after 3 years of experiments, research, tests and preparation for patent entry.

According to information from the company, confirmed in the patent papers, this is a revolutionary material in the form of a panel made of 100% environmentally friendly raw materials, which in addition to being 100% degradable have the ability to enrich the soil when discarded.

The main characteristics of the material are its good noise insulation, very good sound insulation and sound absorption, air and vapour permeability, anti-fungicide, hygroscopic and hardness. Its thermal insulation properties are comparable to those of styrofoam, its sound insulation properties are comparable to those of thick pre-wall cladding, its vapour permeability is like stone wool, it is not hygroscopic unlike most insulation materials and is unbreakable, which makes it easy to install unnecessarily of construction.

The company stated that its installation will be carried out by direct glueing of exterior and interior walls and ceilings, as well as underfloor insulation. Modifications to the material will include ready-made colours, as well as the ability to paint or finish with plaster.

For now, the company does not share information about the size and price of the panel, as well as its name, but confirms that samples of it were sent for testing and evaluation by leading German and Austrian experts, who gave excellent ratings and confirmed the exceptional properties of the material, as well as the lack of a alternative to the new discovery.

So far, the company has not disclosed the raw materials it will use but stressed that most of them are procured in Bulgaria and are 100% renewable. The production of the material is already a fact in the DECIBEL factory in Botevgrad, but the company mentioned that a new factory is to be built, especially for their new discovery.

The company is currently fulfilling a test order of 500 m2 for heat, noise and vapour barrier in a private car park in Vienna. And interest in the product and the company has been expressed by several investment funds in the United States, Germany and Bulgaria.

The world premiere of the product is forthcoming, and the company promised to provide more information about the events related to the launch of the innovative material on the market soon.