Launch of the Ad Delivery Based on Page View Plugin for Revive Adserver

Reviveadservermod has introduced the ad delivery based on page view plugin for revive adserver that leads to increase the impression rates.

Online PR News – 22-January-2023 – San Francisco, California – Reviveadservermod, a prime plugin contributor of revive adserver that has launched the flexible plugin newly named an Ad Delivery Based on Page View Plugin. Most display ads are not being noticed in online advertising but even the advertisers are compensating for them. The display ads will be positioned at bottom of a web page so most of the time users will not go with them at end of their webpage which is relatively less. Still, if all the ads are not seen by the users, then the advertisers have to compensate for those ads. Because the webpage loads those ads where they are evidenced as an impression.

Since the ads are not even seen by the end-users, the conflict has occurred with advertisers that have to spend an amount unwantedly. At the same time for a publisher, the merit of their ad inventory has also been reduced. To avoid those conflicts, ad delivery based on page view plugin has been introduced which aids to display a banner on a view that assists to defeat this conflict for banner ad format.

Just after the ad is eye-catching on the screen, only on a web page the banner ads will be loaded from the display banner on the view plugin. In the inventory, the banner ad will not be loaded while the ad the inventory is positioned not above the fold or bottom of a page. At those inventories, the banner ads will be loaded only while they are eye-catching on the screen.

The inventory is reviewed as viewable only while it matches the guidelines for viewability. Guidelines follow, the ad is measured as viewable for a display ad along with minimum pixels of 970x250 while the ad plays at least 1 second and views a minimum of 50% on the screen. The ad is measured as viewable for at least 1 second once it’s visible at least 30% of its area for more than 240x500 pixels of large display ads.

Viewability will be counted once the end-user visited the ad and counted it as an impression based on the guidelines of viewability. Using this plugin, automatically the ad will be loaded on the webpage while on the screening inventory is a viewable impression of the ad and it is counted. This plugin can’t be surety if the user is viewing the screen at that time and it can ensure that the ads are viewable.

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