Rose Clinic Opening Their 2nd Clinic In Limerick

Rose Clinic is the ultimate destination for mole mapping in Ireland. You should also know that they are opening a new clinic in Limerick.

Online PR News – 13-June-2022 – Limerick – In times like this, when global warming breaths right on our shoulders, the one ailment that is ravaging mankind, is skin cancer. With rapidly increasing cases across Ireland, the medical fraternity is determined to provide technologically upgraded screening and skin cancer detection services. Rose Clinic, a leading institution for skin health and screening, has proudly announced the opening of its’ second clinic in Limerick, Ireland.

Professor H. Paul Redmond, the renowned Professor and Chairman of the department of surgery, Cork University Hospital Group, turned his increasing passion for cancer awareness into reality and named it Rose Clinic. The clinic houses a team of experienced medical professionals to help the patients with Mole screening and Mole mapping in Limerick. The new clinic in Limerick is going to operate from the Beacon Hospital and will use AI-powered technologies, medical grade IPL and Laser equipment. All these upgraded procedures ensure accurate screening, skincare, and skin protection.
According to Professor H. Redmond, “Skin cancer is now the most common cancer in Ireland with over 13,000 new cases every year.” The National Cancer Registry of Ireland expects that this number will get doubled by the end of 2040. He also added, “we have seen far too many late presentations, or people who have ignored issues for too long. That is a problem that has become particularly acute after lockdown.” Hence, it is more than crucial to understand the early signs and address the skin issues as early as possible.

The brand-new Rose Clinic outlet in Limerick will offer all the advanced screening methods similar to its’ Cork Clinic. Starting from AI triggered annual digital screening to 3D imaging techniques for faster detection of melanoma and other skin cancer, the clinic has it all covered. In the professor’s words, “With Rose Clinic, we are giving people an option to self-refer to check their skin and to identify any issues of concern. As we move into the summer months, people will expose their skin more and perhaps become more aware of changes that need to be checked.”

Apart from being a prime location for mole checks in Limerick, this new Rose Clinic is also going to offer mole removal through minimalistic surgeries. With that comes services like removal of lesions without surgeries, advanced treatments of wrinkles, fine lines, skin acne, dark spots, rosacea, and many more. All these treatments are performed by highly experienced medical professionals to ensure that your facial aesthetics remain unchanged. You will be able to treat and reduce the early signs of ageing in the best ways possible with this Limerick based clinic.

Finally, you must understand the importance of skin health and skin care in order to lead a healthier life ahead. As Prof. H. Redmond states, “We need to show our skin the same respect we do our other organs. Prevention is better than cure, and we look forward to helping many patients through our new clinics in Cork and Limerick.”