New Book by Levi Mecham: Crusader's Valor

New York, NY – ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to present the latest work by Levi Mecham: Crusader's Valor

Online PR News – 06-June-2022 – New York, NY – When Hagan Eggars, a peasant boy trying to survive in twelfth-century Germany, defends his sister from the abuses of two crusading soldiers, he is unwittingly launched into the life he always dreamed of, but dreams don’t always mimic reality.

Muslim armies are devouring long held Christian lands in the Levant and Syria. After Jerusalem falls to them Europe vows to return it to Christian hands. As Emperor Barbarossa of Germany marches south with his Crusading army, Byzantine and Muslim leaders conspire to Keep the Emperor from his goal. Hagan trains in preparation for the coming war and chaos of battle but is caught up in the political machinations swirling around him and uncovers a plot to assassinate the Emperor. Will Hagan’s innate ability to kill help him save the Emperor from an untimely death?

Levi Mecham was born and raised in rural Utah and has a strong connection with the outdoors as a result. He attended Utah State University while in High School and received his Associates degree at the same time as his High School diploma. In 2004 he left his home town for two years and lived in Buenos Aires Argentina where he learned Spanish while doing missionary work for his church.

Later, Levi attended Brigham Young University and earned a Bachelor’s in Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Upon leaving BYU in 2009, Levi created a GIS department for an Engineering/Surveying company with headquarters in the Uintah Basin in Utah. Levi was head of this GIS department and supervisor of several employees for 12 years.

Levi’s love for history and human geography has been lifelong. He sometimes reads several books at once to compare the historical facts between editions. He pursues ideas that are interesting for him until he has resolved his fascination. Relating inspiring stories from the past in an entertaining way is a goal that he loves to pursue. Levi currently lives in Idaho with his wife and three sons.

Title: Crusader's Valor
Author: Levi Mecham
Publisher: Adelaide Books
Publisher Website:
Publisher Email:
ISBN: 978-1956635348
Price: $22.30
Page Count: 380 pages
Format: Paperback

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