Small Business Marketing Training Facility Launches on HubPages

A team of avid do-it-yourself services-marketing enthusiasts are launching a free training facility to help out other services professionals post-COVID.

Online PR News – 01-June-2022 – West Palm Beach, Florida – A team of services marketing DIY enthusiasts is launching what they have called the S.M.A.R.T Facility (Services Marketing Advocacy, Rationalization & Training facility) on According to the publishers, the facility aims “to help small business owners and especially service professionals to build their businesses fast, free up more free time, and to grow their profits without a lot of hard work, all this through leveraging the wealth of free information available online today that teaches how to multiply referrals, endorsements, and repeat business.”

The training on the HubPages site ( targets small business owners in general. The team are in the process of putting together a free online course especially targeted at service-based businesses and service professionals. A Youtube channel is also planned.

“It should be easier today to promote and market a small business,” said Chloe Evans, veteran online content creator, services marketing DIY enthusiast, and the team leader.

“All the information a business owner needs is available for free and only a simple Google search away. But it’s amazing how the great majority of small business owners are still clueless on how to promote and market their businesses in this Information Age.”

Part of the problem, according to Chloe, is that most service professionals especially hate the very idea of marketing their services – or self-promotion.

“This is why we have this advocacy component in the training. Most service professionals have been brought up to believe that being very good at what you do is all that matters. Do a great job consistently and the money will follow… Nothing is farther from the truth.”

In real life, according to Chloe Evans, the difference between those who are very successful in the services businesses and those who can barely make ends meet is the marketing and promotion.

“Small businesses that fail at the marketing struggle – or they go out of business. As for the service professionals, it’s typically the best of them that struggle the most, because they’re also typically the worst at marketing their services.”
The good news, according to Chloe, is that most of the marketing strategies that they are teaching in this training, and which have been proven to make a huge difference in services marketing, are simple, easy to implement, dignified – and largely do-it-yourself.

The training covers a range of strategies tailored to marketing a small business in the Information Age, including digital marketing, social media marketing, referral marketing, website conversion optimization and SEO, online reviews, reputation management, video marketing, email marketing, post-purchase-experience strategies, and lots more.

“We’re putting together a training package that covers pretty much everything a services-based business owner needs to know to effectively market and promote their business in the Information Age – both online and offline strategies.”

Asked what makes their training different from available online trainings, both paid and free, this is what Chloe had to say:
“What makes our training different is that besides condensing and rationalizing the information to make it easier to consume in the limited time available to business owners, we have organized the course to present the information in such a way that the business owner can easily and clearly zero in on the problem areas in their marketing so they can tackle those first, knowing what will have the greatest impact on their bottom line, what will free up the most time, and what to prioritize that works synergistically with other marketing strategies to compound the growth. We call this the leverage & stack growth model.”

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