New Book by Christopher Johnson - Rescued by Nature: How Wild Places Help Us Find Ourselves

New York, NY – ADELAIDE BOOKS is proud to present the latest work by Christopher Johnson - Rescued by Nature: How Wild Places Help Us Find Ourselves

Online PR News – 01-June-2022 – New York, NY – “In these essays, I haven’t shied away from sharing my emotional responses to nature. When I’m hiking on a trail, I feel more open to my feelings–probably because I don’t have the noise of civilization in my ears and distracting me from what’s going on in my heart. The people I know who feel that emotional bond—well, they’re the ones who have been motivated to take action, whether it’s preserving a local wetland, protecting a forest as wilderness, promoting solar and wind energy, or taking some other action to save nature for our children and grandchildren to love and protect. This emotional bond moves us to learn more intellectually, aesthetically, and philosophically so that we can become fully realized individuals and can protect and restore the natural world that we are privileged to call our home.” (Author)

Christopher Johnson’s love of nature and much of his writing has grown out of many hours hiking on trails in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Illinois, and other parts of the United States and the world. Rescued by Nature grew out of these experiences. His first book, This Grand and Magnificent Place: The Wilderness Heritage of the White Mountains (2006), traces how the ideas of conservation and wilderness developed in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. His second book, Forests for the People: The Story of America’s Eastern National Forests (2013), co-authored with prominent New Hampshire forester David Govatski, examines how the national forests east of the Mississippi River were protected and restored. He has spoken to many groups in the Midwest about outdoor experiences and environmental policies and remains active on energy and water issues in the Midwest. His articles, stories, and poems have appeared in many magazines and journals, including The Progressive, Appalachia: The Journal of the Appalachian Mountain Club, Chicago Wilderness, Chicago Life, and Earth Island Journal. A former English teacher, Mr. Johnson edited numerous textbooks during a career in educational publishing.

Title: Rescued by Nature: How Wild Places Help Us Find Ourselves
Author: Christopher Johnson
Publisher: Adelaide Books
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ISBN: 978-1956635850
Price: $19.60
Page Count: 234 pages
Format: Paperback

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