AppDupe Expands its Blockchain Footprint With a White-label NFT marketplace

AppDupe, the long-time blockchain research & development company, has launched its white-label NFT marketplace platform with trading-friendly functionalities.

Online PR News – 30-May-2022 – Chennai, Tamilnadu – AppDupe, a trailblazer in the Blockchain space, is glad to announce that its custom-made white-label NFT marketplace is ready for multi-niche usage. This marketplace platform has the potential to connect AppDupe with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), to harness the power of blockchain technology. NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are nothing but blockchain-linked digital assets that encompass their traceable ownership details. While NFTs serves as an investment option, the NFT marketplace platforms function as viable business models.

White-labeling, as a concept, is exceptional in the NFT marketplace development (too). An entrepreneur procures a white-label NFT marketplace platform and rebrands before putting it all together in front of the NFT community. AppDupe offers fully customizable white-label NFT development solutions to startups. White Label marketplace platform enables them to avoid such significant costs. This model allows them to concentrate on their main competencies rather than supporting activities.

White-label NFT Marketplaces from AppDupe

AppDupe makes its White-labeling a multi-chain affair with compatibility on Polkadot, Polygon, Ethereum, and much more. There are (obviously) several niches in the NFT marketplace that serves a purpose (for); let’s take a look at some of them:

NFT Marketplace for Music

The benefits of a white-label Music NFT marketplace are clear - intermediary-free NFT trading, seamless royalty payments, and much more. Music enthusiasts can trade their favorite music tracks (as NFTs) via this marketplace. Entrepreneurs, on the other hand, can serve as the ‘connecting bridge’ between peers.

Blockchains and the technology that NFTs rely on are excellent for connecting artists with their audience because of their decentralized nature. NFTs provide musicians a great way to monetize their music by selling directly to their fans instead of relying on third parties.

AppDupe, with its off-the-shelf white-label NFT marketplace, eliminates the need for middlemen. Artists no longer need labels to release their songs because of NFTs. When an artist mints their music on NFTs, it becomes a permanent record of who made it and when. They can even sell it to their fans directly. Additionally, Artists can profit from the resale of their NFTs on secondary marketplaces.

NFT Marketplace for Artists

AppDupe prioritizes a visually-appealing user interface (UI) while building a white-label NFT marketplace for artists. With this ready-to-deploy marketplace platform, entrepreneurs can accommodate independent artists depicting their value-added artworks, ranging from generative to traditional ones.

Not all artists/creators get to list their NFTs on popular platforms like OpenSea and Rarible. These platforms deploy stringent verification procedures and follow a more-than-usual timeline to take artists on board. On the other hand, artists want not-so-stringent marketplace platforms where they can hit their trading ground running without any hiccups.

AppDupe specializes in providing creator-friendly functionalities in its white-label NFT marketplace platform for artists. With such creator-centric platforms taking creator exposure seriously, it’s about time entrepreneurs (like You) leverage this solution to create your decentralized platform.

NFT Marketplace for Games

Entrepreneurs can persuade gaming enthusiasts to trade in-game items via the NFT marketplace for games. AppDupe also offers NFT Gaming platform development solutions along with marketplace development. Not just the first-time entrepreneurs, the existing NFT game owners can also build their gaming NFT marketplace and incorporate it into their gaming ecosystem.

Harnessing the potential of blockchain technology could turn the gaming moments into digital collectibles (as NFTs) that could last forever. The gamers can tokenize their gaming moments and enlist on secondary marketplaces to monetize. It’ll obviously be a potential business model for entrepreneurs amidst a time when the NFT gaming craze is increasing!

NFT’s role in the gaming sector is virtually limitless. All digital assets, including game characters, in-game goods, skins, maps, card collections, and more, can be represented by non-fungible tokens. When playing a game based on NFT, each of these items is unique, and if you have them, you may trade them for tokens like cryptocurrencies or sell them for real money. People nowadays are willing to pay for a one-of-a-kind in-game skin that adds nothing to the game other than a distinctive look for the character.

Much more

AppDupe, a prominent NFT tech facilitator, offers a wide variety of white-label development solutions like the NFT minting platform, physical assets NFT marketplace, and NFT launchpad platform.

Features of Our All-in-one NFT Marketplace

We present you with an excellent pitch for an NFT Marketplace product that craves your business for money with our greatest craftsmanship. Delivering market-ready goods with the highest level of design and development for startups looking to establish themselves in the market in a short period.

Auction Portal

Incorporating an auction-themed trading system in your NFT marketplace platform could bring dividends. Setting the opening bid & closing bid, bid opening time & closing time, and such stuff constitute the feature.

Wallet Integration

Integration of crypto wallets plays a decisive role in seamless NFT trading. AppDupe realizes the importance of multi-wallet integration due to the increasing footfalls in the marketplace ecosystem. Incorporating a ‘one-click’ connect option might give a positive user experience.

Cross-chain Compatibility

We prioritize seamless NFT trading with this feature that could benefit two parties: one is allowing the artists to list multi-chain NFTs on the white-label NFT marketplace platform, while the other is the buyers/users can purchase and mint their favorite tokens in their ideal blockchain network.

Responsive Search Engine

Users should be able to swiftly search for NFTs relating to music, videos, photography, art, memes, gaming characters, and more using the NFT marketplace's robust and feature-rich search engine. The search algorithm should determine the user's desired purpose and objective in real-time and present the appropriate information.

Token Information

We ensure that the enlisted NFTs get their price, name, description, blockchain network, current owner details, etc., to enhance the user experience. We believe that information-rich NFT listings will trigger more sales.

About AppDupe

AppDupe is a prominent Blockchain company with wings spread out in the non-fungible tokens (NFTs) recently. The company is one of the early birds of the Blockchain space (since 2017). Known as a leading mobile app development company, AppDupe is en route to becoming a frontrunner in the NFT space. The company aims to simplify the NFT space with off-the-shelf solutions, custom-made services, and white-label platforms.