Ubuy Arrives with Summer Sale 2022 Shopping Spree in Bahrain

Ubuy Bahrain, the fastest-growing international eCommerce portal in Bahrain, recently launched the Coolest Summer Sale across both their app and website.

Online PR News – 30-May-2022 – Bahrain – Summer is regarded as Fun time with friends and family which is spent either relaxing in the sun or dining together. During the summer solstice, the days become longer while the nights grow shorter. Children make the most of this season playing on the open grounds while elders prefer get-togethers in the form of night parties. The same goes for people residing in Bahrain.

Summer evenings and sunsets are particularly lovely. Visiting a country fair, water parks, fun food villages and stargazing are some of the other popular summer activities in which many of you would love to indulge in. Another option is to plan a trip to the hills or a tropical beach vacation. As you will prefer shopping online indoors rather than face the scorching heat of the sun every time you step outside, Ubuy is prepared to double your savings on all purchases you make on its platform.

* An Overview of Ubuy

Ubuy is a global eCommerce company that was launched in 2012 and now operates in over 180 countries. This website houses the most extensive collection of millions of unique international products and brands, which you can purchase from any of its 7 international stores.

* Take Advantage of Irresistible Shopping Offers in this Summer Sale
Shop at this season’s Coolest Summer Sale 2022 in Bahrain. The sale will continue for the majority of the summer. Various summer essentials will be available in abundance apart from being reasonably priced for anyone interested in purchasing international brands online.

Reap the following double benefits this summer season using Promo Code: UBSMR

10% instant discount is applicable on each item price you shop from us.
An additional cashback of up to 20% will get reflected in their account as Ucredit.

Remember: There is no minimum amount limit to avail the above-mentioned offer.

* Discover Awesome Summer Deals and Discounts in the Following Product Categories at Ubuy

We have already matriculated the list of product categories that will make you beat the heat this summer season. Consider the following -

* Summer Appliances
1. Air Conditioners
2. Air Coolers
3. Refrigerators
4. Water Purifiers
5. Ceiling Fans

* Summer Wear
1. Women’s Clothing
2. Men’s Clothing
3. Kids’ Clothing
4. Swimwear
5. Footwear

* Refreshing Beverages
1. Fruit Juices
2. Soft Drinks
3. Instant Cold Coffee
4. Sparkling Water
5. Iced Tea

* Summer Gadgets
1. Waterproof Speakers
2. Portable Fans
3. Facial Humidifiers
4. Portable Blenders
5. Chiller Ice Boxes

* Skin Care
1. Sunscreens
2. Moisturizers
3. Face Wipes
4. Essential Oils
5. Face Washes

* Sweat-Proof Makeup
1. Face Primers
2. Foundations
3. Waterproof Mascaras
4. Eyeliners
5. Lipsticks

* Home Decor
1. Air Fresheners
2. Artificial Plants
3. Bug Zappers
4. Curtains
5. Scented Candles

* Summer Accessories
1. Sunglasses
2. Bucket Hats
3. Scarves
4. Flip Flops
5. Hobo Bags

* Enjoy the Following Benefits of Shopping in this Summer Sale

1. The platform offers multiple payment options or gateways to choose from.
2. Find out the newest summertime trends floating around the world.
3. Express shipping with prompt customs clearance.
5. No amount capping on the offers mentioned on our website.
6. Save big this summer with special deals and discounts on over 100 million products.

Explore our website "https://www.ubuy.com.bh" to discover the wide range of summer essentials all under one roof. Download our shopping app also to take advantage of the newly enabled app features.

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