Launching SchoolBUS platform for safe online community building in schools

Education in the 21st century is not just brick and mortar classroom learning. It is about acquiring skills of the future. SchoolBUS enables such learning.

Online PR News – 26-May-2022 – Toronto – FELDSPARTECH SOLUTIONS announces the launch of SchoolBUS (, a platform to facilitate online community activities in schools.

Online learning is a 21st Century skill. Children need to be able to collaborate, network, communicate effectively online. All this while keeping themselves safe from cyber theft and bullying.

There are a lot of community and social media platforms. None of these are designed for children. They do not ensure moderation and protection from exposure to inappropriate content.

SchoolBUS is specially designed to avoid the pitfalls of social media and focusses on the positives of social media.

Different content type can be uploaded e.g., document, pdf, video and pictures. Schools can use it to promote extra-curricular learning. The platform is easy to integrate with any existing system like ERP or LMS using APIs. Other useful products can be embedded as widgets.

SchoolBUS is built using the low-code technology, making it highly adaptable and customizable. It is a cloud-based product. Anyone can register and create a space for school. Registering needs just a login name and password of choice along with the school name.

The product is being piloted in many online schools, home schoolers and modern schools across the globe. The pandemic has accelerated the move towards online. This is going to continue. The future is online. It is therefore important that children learn to interact online, collaborate and learn together.

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