Book News: Oriental Bedtime Tales by P.S. Menconi.

PS Menconi, author of Oriental Bedtime Tales, gives us a magical journey into the millenary oriental culture. Available on Amazon.

Online PR News – 24-May-2022 – Venice – A new collection of fairy tales is published: Oriental Bedtime Tales is a collection of 15 unpublished stories full of teachings and coloring illustrations that will take the children into the magical world of fairy tales. A magical journey into millenary oriental culture.

Fairy tales educate today's children to shape a better reality for their tomorrow and reading them to the children is also a special opportunity for parents to spend precious time with them.

In Oriental Bedtime Tales, in the end, each fairy tale has its own moral and offers a small important lesson from that culture so rich in teachings and the stories in the book have the ability to capture the attention of children, teaching them the important values of life.

Oriental Bedtime Tales are like some small precious chests with inside the richness and the secrets of millenary oriental wisdom.

The book is very intense and at the same time relaxing with 15 stories full of emotions and gives some moments of joy and serenity to the readers.
A very good book for everyone. Thanks a lot P.S. Menconi. Enjoy the reading.

Oriental Bedtime Tales is available on Amazon.
Oriental Bedtime Tales on youtube