Zengage Learning Opens Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series Trader Prep Program

Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series Simulates Learning Content of Top University Crypto Certificate Programs to Help Anyone Become a Professional Trader

Online PR News – 24-May-2022 – New York, NY – Zengage Learning today announced the launch of Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series, the only independent crypto trader learning program that offers similar content of certificate programs costing $12,000, or more, at top universities like Harvard. Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series, which empowers anyone to attain wealth as a skilled trader, builds directly on Zengage Learning's longstanding involvement in the professional development industry. This includes the recent launch of free resources and learning materials, at Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series, to get people started on a high paying crypto career.

"With millions of people locked out of this once-in-a-lifetime redistribution of wealth opportunity, we researched and audited several top university crypto certificate programs to develop Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series, ensuring the personal and professional success of all participants; lowering costs, increasing resources, and providing enhanced support services," says Mark Robinson CLO of Zengage Learning. "Our primary vision and mission is to help close the investment knowledge gap, and Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series embodies that philosophy and goal. The program provides learners with twelve concise and comprehensive courses, audiovisual presentations, eBook study guides, and assessment exams; and includes unlimited, self-paced, anytime access."

Featuring both print and digital components, Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series provides in-depth, high school-level instruction in four subject areas: literacy, mathematics, social studies and science. The digital component of the tool guides students through the material using the same proven adaptive learning software that powers McGraw-Hill LearnSmart®, which helps students to study smarter, not longer, by directing them to the material that they need most. In addition to a set of print books that deliver the core content instruction needed for all 2014 high school equivalency exams, Achieve includes test-specific practice workbooks for the 2014 GED®, the TASC and HiSET™, designed to provide scaffolded instruction and practice that supports increased depth of knowledge. Unlike other high school equivalency prep programs, Achieve also provides a complete instructor lesson plan to accompany each student lesson, allowing learners to reach a significantly deeper understanding of the specific expectations for high school equivalency within each subject area.

Also available this month is Common Core Basics, a sister program to Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series that focuses on middle school-level material, designed to address the needs of adult learners who require more comprehensive support in the fundamentals of each subject area before beginning Achieve. In order to ensure that all students have a solid foundation in English, Basics addresses reading and writing as separate literacy components, across a total of five subject areas: reading, writing, mathematics, social studies and science. Additionally, Basics features a computer and typing skills module to ensure that students are comfortable with newer computer-based high school equivalency tests, which will become standard in 2014.

The updated version of Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series will be fully open for enrollment September 2022; interested people are welcome to start now with access to free resources and learning materials at http://http://www.zengagelearning.com

For more information about Cryptocurrency Wealth Building Series and how Zengage Learning supports students and adult learners preparing for professional crypto currency trading, please visit: http://http://www.zengagelearning.com