CollarQuest Seeking Writers & an Update on WhiteList

The Tag Dao LLC is holding a contest for writers who will contribute to the backstory of the CollarQuest P2E Game, and Whitelisting has begun for in-game NFTS.

Online PR News – 23-May-2022 – Sheridan, Wyoming – We Want YOU to write an Adventure;
COLLARQUEST is a fully community owned project. Following in that vein, we want to give YOU the opportunity to submit a chapter of a potential COLLARQUEST storyline for a SPARC-E adventure. Simply come to our Discord Server and past your masterpiece within the “CQ-game-chapters” channel! All submissions are automatically shielded to prevent copying. The top five storylines, as voted on by our DAO will receive a distribution of our soon-to-be-released DAO governance token, $TAG. This distribution may vary based on the market and rank of the submission.
Join us at to learn all about the submission guidelines.

***Please find the COLLARQUEST BACKSTORY below upon which to base your story submission! ***

The COLLARQUEST WHITELIST is going better than expected. From day one, we’ve been a completely community funded project. Now, we have a registered DAO, a ready to launch Play-To-Earn Metaverse, an Exclusive NFT Marketplace, a Swap/Exchange, and a Loyal Community!
Unlike many other projects, we’ve made no promises of things-to-come, we just deliver. While many projects happily take funds months or sometimes years in advance of having a product/service completed, we just deliver. Through the ups and downs of the market, we just deliver. WE ARE NOT GOING ANYWHERE!

There are many utilities you can benefit from by purchasing our NFTs (aka SPARC-Es) through our WhiteList, for example peer to peer sales through our exclusive NFT Marketplace, and on secondary markets, the ability to breed and create new SPARC-Es for gameplay and resale, and thousands of scholars ready to play and earn on your behalf.Come join our Discord Community and get listed for the WhiteList, a Whitelist which, as a friendly reminder, enables you to save 50% off of the retail price. It will be a pleasure to have you as a member of the COLLAR CREW!


Year 2 AD (After Destruction)

The land of Ariomont is under attack. A villainous group called the FOEs has begun to lay waste to this once peaceful land. Most of the population have fled or is in hiding. In desperation, the Ariomonties have unleashed the only thing they can use to fight back - their beloved SPARC-Es…..

Year 1 BC (Before Collision)
Ariomonties, a people known for their technological prowess, had not known violence for generations upon generations. Elders would tell tales of a different time - a time when terror swept over the land; a time of War and Bloodshed. Such stories had been consigned to Myth by most. Fables to be told to scare and exhilarate children. They would soon learn the folly of their dismissiveness.
The Ariomonties, a diverse population consisting of many different species, all living in relative harmony and worshipers of Numerology, had long since developed an economy of abundance, fueled largely by their ability to harness the power of free energy and antigravity. Through mere chance (or perhaps through something more) Ariomont’s planetary core contained a unique element, element 151, which they dubbed “GeM” – otherwise referred to as Genesis Mechanism. The Ariomonties discovery of GeM was truly the Genesis upon which their civilization flourished - Until the day it didn’t. Until the time of the FOEs…

It came without warning. The day had started just as any other. The sun rose, the air was crisp, and the Ariomonties gathered with their families for their morning rituals. Amidst the silence came the darkness. As their heads turned to the sky, they saw it. A group of meteors moving at an almost unfathomable rate of speed. The Ariomonties breathed a collective sigh of relief; as they knew the forcefield that defended the planet from outer threats would protect them from the impending impact.
They didn’t even have a chance to gasp. The terrifying realization that the forcefield hadn’t worked came a mere second before impact. Instantaneously, brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children in proximity to the meteors’ impact were gone - vaporized by the force of the blasts from the impacts. Ariomonties outside of the impact zones didn’t fare much better. As fires spread across the land, the Ariomonties clung closely to their loved ones before being overwhelmed by the flames. Those living near Ariomont’s densely populated sea-ports were engulfed by Tidal waves that blocked out the sun. Ash was thrust into the atmosphere, and walls of lightning rained down upon them.
As the remaining Ariomonties gathered around one another to piece together what had happened, they came to a horrifying realization. Someone had deliberately turned off the planet’s force field. It was the only explanation. A traitor was among them. The horror they felt soon turned to dread, as battalion after battalion of Destroyer Ships began to descend upon the planet.

The Ariomonties’ initial hope that a planet in a neighboring Star System had detected the collision and sent a search and rescue party was quickly dashed as armies of cold, lifeless assault robots exited the ships, leaving devastation in their wake. The Ariomonties had no knowledge of who these remorseless forces of destruction were or where they came from, but they soon became universally referred to by a name - A name that sent shivers down the spine of every Ariomontie across the land – The FOEs
Few survived the initial impact; fewer survived the FOEs - as those who opposed them were quickly dispatched or taken as prisoners.
But all was not lost. Those lucky enough to have escaped the devastation banded together. Amidst the chaos and confusion, one man took charge.
Morpheus was not the typical Ariomontie. He did not dismiss the frightful stories told by elders like most of his compatriots did. Using a starship he had buried deep beneath the surface of the Planet, he and his cohort collected enough GeM to gather together pieces of the planet that had been shot into orbit after the initial meteorite impacts. The team then used the re-captured pieces of land to create Bio-Domes. These Bio-Domes were placed as far away from the planet as they could be – the small band of surviving Ariomonties knowing that they would have to return to their home planet for resources in order to ensure their ongoing survival, all trepidation aside. Families packed their belongings. Much was left behind. But one special item was not…. For it was the secret to their survival. The Ariomonties’ SPARC-Es (which had initially been developed to be nothing more than robotic companions - or Sentient Programmable Amusement & Recreational Canine Entities) would need an upgrade…

Morpheus and the other technologically savvy Ariomonties quickly developed a more useful; A more fearsome iteration of their robotic companions. The SPARC-Es would be given a new name - Sentient Programmable Assault & Reconnaissance Canine Entities.
SPARC-Es would be the Ariomonties’ primary means of defense against the FOEs, should they ever make their way over to Ariomontie colony that Morpheus and the survivors had constructed someday…a day, they prayed, that was very far away.
It came without warning. Going about their daily chores, the Ariomonties closed their eyes as they saw an all too familiar darkness descend upon them. The next sound they heard was their Bio-Domes’ force fields power down. Drawing a collective breath, two things ran through the head of every citizen of the Ariomont colony:
• The day that they would have to defend their new homes against the FOEs was here…..
• And that the traitor was still among them

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