Open-Source Startup Internxt Releases a Free Password Checker

Web3 cloud service provider Internxt launches a free and user-friendly online safety tool

Online PR News – 17-May-2022 – VALENCIA, SPAIN – Internxt, the secure cloud storage service built for Web3, announced the launch of a free password checker. Keeping in line with its zero-trust philosophy, Internxt has now released a web-based resource capable of checking the toughness and complexity of users’ passwords.

Internxt’s new password checker is a free online tool with which you can analyze, rate, and improve your passwords. With the tool, you can easily check your overall password strength, analyze the complexity and character combination of your password, display how much time it would likely take to crack your password, and confirm your password meets all strong password requirements.

“Our goal at Internxt is to create a safer online experience, not just for our users, but for everyone on the web. We are working to build a better internet by putting users and their privacy first in everything we do,” says Fran Villalba Segarra, Founder and CEO of Internxt.
“We want everyone to have access to the knowledge and tools they need to protect their online safety, without it costing them an arm and a leg. Our new password checker is a simple, but effective, way for anyone to boost their personal security in almost no time at all.”

Internxt was founded in 2020 as a decentralized and progressive alternative to traditional cloud storage services provided by Big Tech. The password checker is the newest addition to the company’s lineup of free privacy-promoting resources, such as its Virus Scanner and Privacy Organization Directory, and joins Internxt’s expanding list of open-source services including Drive, Photos, Token, and Send.

About Internxt

Encrypt, store, and share personal or business files in total privacy. Internxt is an open-source, blockchain-based cloud storage service providing safe, secure, and GDPR-compliant digital storage advocating for user privacy rights.

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