Redefining Web Testing With RaptorVista: The Next-gen Test Automation Framework

BugRaptors launched its own next-gen web automation framework named RaptorVista.

Online PR News – 17-May-2022 – Punjab, India – Ever since the world has tasted the potential of technology, the whole concept of digital transformation has gained pace. Also, the growing demand for digital solutions and ever-increasing competition have made the IT solution providers push the development cycles.

However, the need for adding rapidity to the process has enabled these digital solution providers to skip the quality aspect of the technology, especially when the entire previous decade has unraveled the capabilities of high-end innovations like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Big Data.

Nevertheless, the need for creating a more sustainable, secure, and tech-driven digital scenario has made IT solution providers realize the importance of quality assurance. And amid all that search for improving the quality aspect of the technology world, BugRaptors, a Seasia group company and a pure-play quality assurance and software testing brand, introduced RaptorVista.

Since most of the digital operations are moved online, RaptorVista is an advanced and highly proficient test automation framework made to leverage web test automation. The technology is made to complement the quick and accurate development of web applications.

BugRaptors is known to serve hundreds of clients, including Fortune 500 brands from across the globe. And with RaptorVista, the company has taken the test automation a notch above. From improving the user experience to business benefits, RaptorVista is made to fit the custom goals of the web applications.

With a hybrid test automation framework, it allows flexible testing on different project sizes, making the most out of the combination of different frameworks. Containing the DNA of Modular Driven Framework, Keyword Driven Framework, Data-Driven Framework, and Behaviour Driven Framework, RaptorVista is a high-end test automation technology that accelerates quality with speed.

Made to complement the web solutions of the future, RaptorVista brings several unique components to make web applications more user-friendly, secure, and robust. More importantly, the in-house team of ISTQB certified testers at BugRaptors ensures that appropriate integrations and tools are driven during the test process, making it to the client's goals.

As long as it is concerned with the security factor of the web apps, team BugRaptors has proficiency in working browser-based regression automation suites and tests using selenium. The process not only helps in quick bug reproduction scripts and automation-aided testing scripts but even helps create scalable solutions.

All in all, the web app automation testing framework is created to acknowledge the ROI goals of the clients who need help thriving their online presence. From support on multiple consoles to creating a user base through a rich user experience, RaptorVista aligns with all your test needs related to multiple browser support, flexible execution, database linking, code reuse, CI integrations, and several other features that can help save the costs of digital projects and yield higher productivity.

For more information on RaptorVista or web test automation, you can simply reach team BugRaptors through or visit their website.