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The RISE Summit: Transforming Trauma FREE Online  11 – 17 May 2022

Online PR News – 14-May-2022 – Cape Town, South Africa – Transform Trauma into Personal Power and Life Purpose: The RISE Summit is a FREE online 7-day event and will broadcast on 11 – 17 May to deliver a top-notch event for your personal empowerment and life purpose design. The RISE Summit hosted by Nunaisi Ma, transformational leader and found of The Rise Movement, brings together over 30 world-renown experts who will share with you proven methods and practical tools for breaking free from self-doubt, transmuting pain and healing trauma, to rise above your wounds and limiting beliefs, to transform your life.

Discover the keys to your personal uprising with # 1 NY Times bestselling author Marci Shimoff, Bob Doyle, Christy Whitman, Rhonda Britten, Dr Arielle Schwartz, Dr Warren Farrell, Nathan Crane, and many more amazing experts in the field of healing and personal transformation on how to RISE to meet your most authentic and purposeful life yet. Hear how you can restore your sovereign power after trauma, abuse, and childhood wounding. Clear limiting beliefs and install new habits that will lead you to the next level of fulfillment and success. As you master new ways to overcome low self-esteem and self-worth, you will receive the tools to cultivate more personal power, everyday confidence, and authentic life purpose!

Often, so many of us deal with collective issues of self-doubt and inner suffering, as most of us have been wounded in some way, if not directly, then due to society’s collective distress.

And, although this may sound hard to recognise right now, the truth is that the key to unlocking your own power is found in the journey of uncovering and dissolving your wounds of past trauma so you can transform.

Some of the enlightening conversations you can look forward to in the The RISE Summit are:
Marci Shimoff, #1 New York Times Best-Selling Author, Keynote Speaker, World-Renowned Transformational Teacher – Happiness and Unconditional Love

Dr Arielle Schwartz, a Resilience Informed Therapist who applies research to trauma recovery, EMDR Therapy, and Somatic Psychology to form a strength-based, trauma treatment model for healing.

Rhona Britten of the Fearless Living Institute renown for her acclaimed Fearless Living method for gaining clarity of purpose and taking life-changing risks.

Dr Warren Farrell, one of the world’s top 100 thought leaders and author of seven books on men’s and women’s issues, including ‘The Boy Crisis’.

Bob Doyle Law of Attraction teacher and author of ‘Wealth Beyond Reason’ and the creator of ‘Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power’ program.

The Rise World Summit is free to join and participate in and includes additional free gifts and bonus learnings when you connect and gain access to some of the world’s most renowned thought leaders, trauma experts, psychotherapists, authors, doctors, life coaches, transformational leaders and more.

Discover the keys to power and purpose when you unlock the doors to new learning, healing and self-empowerment here:

About The Rise Movement: R.I.S.E stands for: REMEMBER Why you Came Here; 
You have a Soul Purpose and a Sacred Mission that Only You Can Bring into the World
INSPIRE Others by Being Yourself; Authentic and Vulnerable, Human and Divine
SHARE Your Story and Your Heart; The Wisdom you Gained through Your Life Journey is Gold
ELEVATE others to RISE.

It is our Sacred Mission to help at least 1,000,000 humans RISE into their full potential, remember their brilliance, and activate their innate zone of genius so that they can share their gifts with the world. We believe that these times are calling for more of us to step up into leadership, even if it is “just at home”.

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