Cohesive Robotics Partners with Pratt Institute to Advance Robotics Capabilities in Manufacturing

Startup Cohesive Robotics has joined The Consortium for Research & Robotics, hosted by the world-renowned Pratt Institute and located at the Brooklyn Navy Yard.

Online PR News – 08-May-2022 – Brooklyn, New York – Technology startup Cohesive Robotics has joined The Consortium for Research & Robotics, hosted by the world-renowned Pratt Institute and located at Brooklyn Navy Yard, New York City’s technology innovation hub. Through the partnership, Cohesive will collaborate with the Pratt ecosystem and continue to develop and advance its cutting-edge automation and AI research toward commercial market availability. “We are excited to accelerate our product research and development efforts alongside the amazing resources and personnel that the Consortium has brought together,” said David Pietrocola, Cohesive Robotics Founder and CEO. “Our focus on delivering next-generation automation solutions for high-mix manufacturing and fabrication is a perfect fit for the ideas and innovations advanced by Pratt faculty, students, alumni and industry partners.”

“The Consortium for Research & Robotics is a functional ecosystem that includes Pratt students and faculty as well as pioneering companies producing new technologies,” said Aaron Beebe, CRR Interim Executive Director. “Our members' success is our success, and our aim is to contribute at a meaningful time in the lifecycle of new companies to ameliorate the financial and technical barriers that often cripple new hardware-based startups. The work that Cohesive is doing could be a game-changer for small industry. We believe that investments in helping them get to market will be greatly rewarded down the line.”

New York City-based Cohesive will leverage the Consortium’s Brooklyn Navy Yard facilities and collection of ABB industrial robotic arms to test “scan and plan” finishing operations, which use cameras and other sensors along with AI to automatically analyze a workpiece and perform a surface finish such as polishing, without the lengthy robot programming times and integration costs typical in today’s commercial solutions. This approach will enable the introduction of more automation to a wider variety of operations and product volumes at a time when labor shortages and harsh working conditions are affecting supply chains around the world.

By working with Cohesive staff and technology, Pratt students also will develop an awareness of how recent robotics and AI advances can benefit the growing trend toward digital fabrication workflows and efficiencies within the construction and design industries. “Certain industries such as construction have really lagged in the adoption of digital workflows and automation,” added Pietrocola. “But with products like ours and technologies such as AR, VR, digital twins, that’s all changing quickly. Today’s students are learning how to take CAD designs and run them through a fully digital visualization and fabrication workflow. We’re excited to play an important part in that advancement.”

About Cohesive Robotics

Based in New York City, Cohesive Robotics is a technology startup developing turnkey automation solutions for high-mix manufacturing and fabrication operations in construction, aerospace, and other industries. Its proprietary software and AI system avoids costly and time-consuming robot programming and integration, helping manufacturers reduce rework and waste, and address labor shortages in traditionally dangerous or dull operations.

About the Pratt Institute’s Consortium for Robotics and Research

The Consortium for Research & Robotics presents a model for collaboration, competition and creativity centered around New York City's largest industrial robot. Our unique ecosystem brings together education and industry for technology-driven research, small business incubation, and STEM programs that invest in our local community.