Talent Tech Labs Announces Expansion into Talent Management Marketplace

Talent Tech Labs, an industry-leading research and advisory firm since 2014, expands solutions to the Talent Management marketplace.

Online PR News – 03-May-2022 – New York, NY – Talent Tech Labs expands its focus to include the Talent Management technology market in April 2022. As experts in talent technology since 2014, they showcase their knowledge of the talent management market with a Talent Management Ecosystem. This extensive infographic and report classifies and organizes the complex and ever-changing Talent Management technology landscape and provides a taxonomy to improve navigation. With more than 245 companies classified and highlighted, the report also provides perspective on trends and where Talent Management technology is headed.

Talent Tech Labs’ experts do the heavy lifting with intensive research into the marketplace, evaluating hundreds of vendors to find the top talent technology available for every need. After expanding the tenth iteration of their Talent Acquisition Ecosystem, they’ve created a Talent Management Ecosystem that provides expert insight into the technology and trends facing leaders today.

In alignment with their expert findings, the premiere Talent Management Ecosystem Offers:
- 3 central stages of Talent Management: Engaging, Evaluating, and Developing
- 7 verticals outlining the intricacies between each of these stages
- 19 further classified sub-verticals covering topics like Internal Talent Marketplaces, Employee Listening, Employee Performance Measurement, and People Analytics

“The dynamics of Work in the coming era requires a more holistic view of talent organizations’ need to attract, employ, develop and retain talent. With this there is a convergence of talent acquisition and talent management focus. In initiating coverage of the Talent Management portion of the talent lifecycle we hope to provide the insights companies can act on as they plan how technology can better enable their management of their total talent function,” according to President and Co-Founder Brian Delle Donne.

Organizations today face the tightest labor market in history, and the ability to manage and retain talent has become a strategic imperative. This comprehensive view into the current state of Talent Management provides everyone from industry novices to experts with pertinent, tangible information to help inform your talent management strategies.

With a focus on future-proofing talent strategy and tech stacks, Talent Tech Labs partners with Talent Management leaders to help them stay ahead of the ever-changing market. They provide research on the trends and new tools available, forecasting how technology will evolve over time to help talent leaders transform their businesses now, through the intelligent use of today's cutting-edge innovations for tomorrow.

“Organizations have realized that successful talent strategies drive business success. We’re delighted that with the launch of our new Talent Management Technology Ecosystem, we’re now able to offer unprecedented insight into technology applications at every stage of the employee lifecycle, from the earliest stages of sourcing through employees developing to their fullest potential,” says David Francis, VP Research.

Find out more about the findings from Talent Tech Labs’ Talent Management Ecosystem, get access to the report here. Talent Tech Labs is committed to helping clients make the right talent technology decisions critical to their business’ success. Talent Tech Labs’ clients benefit from on-demand, unlimited access to proprietary research and insights, supplemented with advisory services provided by Talent Tech Labs’ expert analysts. With targeted, actionable guidance, Talent Tech Labs’s Members are empowered to make complex talent technology decisions quickly and efficiently. Learn how Talent Tech Labs can help with your talent technology initiatives today by clicking here.

To learn more information on their expansion into Talent Management or key findings presented in the Talent Management Ecosystem, please contact Laura Kavanaugh for further details: laura@talenttechlabs.com.

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