May 4th, Star Wars Day, sees new Sci-Fi Romance Book from Mona Albright

Mona Albright is releasing her debut book Alien Exiled Prince, which early readers have dubbed “sexy Star Wars”, globally on May the 4th.

Online PR News – 03-May-2022 – Paris, France – 'Alien Exiled Prince' is Mona Albright’s first book in the series Warriors of the Vor Empire and is not for the faint-hearted, containing multiple R-rated sex scenes. The book which is being released on Star Wars day, is firmly in the science fiction genre. It also has multiple scenes which firmly categorize it as a romance.

Author Mona Albright describes the book as the best of both worlds, a sci-fi romance. Writing this book, she says is “a marriage of two loves”, explaining that she likes both romance and Sci-Fi genres and thinks “science fiction readers are missing out on racy scenes (which are) loved by many in the romance genre.”

The book Alien Exiled Prince is a sexy seduction story set on an Alien battleship on a mission which will allow Zaden, the exiled Prince, to return home. Luna, who is saved by Zaden, has to trust he will let her go. It is the first book in the series, the second book is set to be released in early June.

Sales of romance books were up 49% compared to pre-covid, and the popularity of Julia Quinn’s series Bridgerton is evidence of a growing demand of the romance genre. Season 2 of Netflix's remake of the hit series became the most-watched English-language series debut ever when it was released on March 25. Sales of science-fiction books were also up 23% in 2021 compared to 2019 levels.

Mona Albright’s new novel is available for pre-order on for $3.99. The paperback edition will be available prior to release at $10.99.

“I love Sci-Fi, I love romance. I love this book.” - C. Woods.

Mona enjoys traveling and has been lucky enough to travel across two continents. She is currently based in the romance capital of the world, Paris, France, where she writes Science Fiction with a romantic twist.

Mona is set to release her debut book on May the 4th, 2022. Please be advised that her books are not for children. Learn more about Mona Albright online at