Zeal 3D To Participate In INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition

Melbourne — Zeal 3D, the leading Australian additive manufacturing company, will attend INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition 2022 in Sydney.

Online PR News – 30-April-2022 – Sydney, New South Wales – Melbourne — Zeal 3D, the leading Australian additive manufacturing company, will attend INDO PACIFIC International Maritime Exposition 2022 in Sydney. At the event, the company will get the opportunity to embrace ongoing 3D printing trends in the marine industry and interact with stakeholders worldwide.

Zeal 3D is a leading manufacturer offering a wide range of 3D printing services to shipyards, naval forces and other maritime operators worldwide. The company's 3D printing technology enables it to create custom components with greater accuracy and detail than traditional manufacturing methods.

What is INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition?

INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition is the world's leading maritime event, attracting senior merchant marine, shore services, maritime and defence industry, military and government decision-makers worldwide.

INDO PACIFIC 2022 International Maritime Exposition will take place from 10th May to 12th May 2022 at the International Convention Centre, Sydney. It is being organised by Defence SA and supported by several government departments and agencies, including Royal Australian Navy, Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority, the Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group (CASG), and Defence Science and Technology.

This event is an exciting opportunity for companies that want to explore the potential of 3D printing in the maritime industry. This event is organised to encourage and reward cutting-edge innovations and performances by Australian companies.

The main motto of this event is to promote the exponential development of Australian industrial manufacturing and communication technology companies working in maritime, aerospace, defence, aviation, and security.

Zeal 3D's CEO, Kiran Hurkadli, stated that the company is excited to participate in an important event for Australia's thriving maritime industry. Attendees can expect to see exciting new cutting-edge technologies from Zeal 3D at Indo Pacific International Maritime Exposition 2022.

Further, he added, "This is a great opportunity to get in front of some of the world's leading maritime stakeholders and discuss how our technology can help them overcome some of their toughest challenges. Zeal 3D has been at the forefront of 3D printing applications & technology for over several years. The company has worked with shipyards, naval forces, and other maritime operators worldwide. We are excited to participate in this event and explore new opportunities for our technology."

Zeal 3D's Robust Online 3D Printing and How They Can Revolutionise the Maritime Industry?

Zeal 3D offers a complete range of online 3D printing services for maritime operators worldwide. The company uses the latest manufacturing technologies, including 3D printing, to create high-quality components. The company caters to all requirements of maritime industries with services, including:
Industrial 3D printing:
Zeal 3D uses the latest industrial 3D printing technologies to create custom parts for maritime applications. Zeal 3D offers a wide range of materials and finishes to meet the specific requirements of naval industries.
3D designing:
Zeal 3D's expert designers create custom 3D print models for maritime applications. They offer a wide range of services, including CAD modelling, reverse engineering, and prototyping.
CNC machining:
Zeal 3D offers comprehensive CNC machining services for maritime components and assemblies. The company's skilled machinists use state-of-the-art machinery to ensure precision, accuracy, and reliability in the finished products.
Vacuum casting:
Zeal 3D offers vacuum casting services to create prototypes and low-volume production parts. The company uses the latest casting technologies to produce high-quality parts with superior dimensional accuracy and detail.
Injection moulding:
Zeal 3D offers a wide range of injection moulding services for maritime industries. The company uses advanced equipment and technologies to ensure the highest standard components.
Augmented Reality:
Zeal 3D offers full-fledged AR services to cater to the needs of maritime industries. The company has a team of skilled professionals who create AR models for training, marketing, and other applications.

How can Zeal 3D's services be used in the maritime industry?

Zeal 3D's CEO, Kiran, believes that 3D printing and the marine industry go hand-in-hand. He states that "The maritime industry is one of the most demanding industries in quality and reliability. 3D printing offers a unique set of benefits that can be extremely advantageous for maritime operators. The technology is used to create custom parts and assemblies with superior dimensional accuracy and detail. Additionally, 3D printing offers maritime operators a quick turnaround time and cost-effective solutions." Some of how Zeal 3D's services can be used in the maritime industry are:
Rapid Prototyping:
3D printing is ideal for creating prototypes for new maritime systems and components. It helps shipyards and other operators save time and money when developing new products or improving existing ones.
Specialised Custom Parts:
3D printing offers the flexibility to create custom parts with intricate features that cannot be replicated using traditional manufacturing techniques. For example, maritime operators can use 3D printing to produce parts with specialised functions, such as sound-dampening or heat-resistant properties.
Reduced Downtime:
In a shipyard accident or breakdown, 3D printed parts can be used as replacement parts to reduce downtime. It helps operators save time and money by avoiding the need for repairs or replacements.
Improved Training:
3D printed models are used for training purposes. It helps operators familiarise themselves with the new systems and components without the need for expensive and time-consuming simulations.

Why Choose Zeal 3D Printing?

Zeal 3D is a leading company offering on-demand 3D printing in Australia. The company has its in-house workshops in Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and many other cities across Australia.
Happy Clients:
Zeal 3D has worked with 5000+ clients across Australia and helped them boost their production.
Australia Wide Delivery:
They offer fast Australia-wide delivery to reduce the time-to-market.
15+ Years of Experience:
Zeal 3D has over a decade of experience in the manufacturing industry.
45+ Materials:
Zeal 3D offers more than 45 materials for 3D printing to meet all the requirements.
Quality Service:
Zeal 3D is an ISO 9001:2015 certified organisation providing quality services.

Event Information:
International Convention Centre, Sydney
• Tuesday 10 May | 9 am – 6 pm
• Wednesday 11 May | 9 am – 6 pm
• Thursday 12 May | 9 am – 5 pm

Where to find Zeal 3D?
At stall no. POD-38

Who will join the Indo Pacific Event?
Several big players, including Boeing, Volvo, BtB Marine, and the Department of Defence (CASG), will participate in the Indo Pacific Event.

Zeal's contact details:
Email — info@zeal3dprinting.com.au
Phone — +61 1300 719 729
Website URL — https://www.zeal3dprinting.com.au/