Founding Room - an all-paid retreat for founders to break ground on their climate adaptation startup

Decade Ventures is looking for aspiring climate Adaptation founders to join their upcoming summer retreat in Lisbon, Portugal, August 21-27.

Online PR News – 28-April-2022 – Lisbon, Portugal – Decade Ventures, a remote-first climate Adaptation startup incubator, announced Founding Room - a summer retreat designed to help aspiring founders build the confidence they need to keep building their startup. All expenses - including flights, food and accommodation - are paid by Decade Ventures.

Founding Room’s experience is designed to provide selected participants with: time to start building around the problem they are tackling; one-on-one support to quickly overcome roadblocks; inspirational talks given by guests who have tread the same path; and a community of founders with the same aspirations.

Thomas Walker, a Co-founder at Decade Ventures, explains what they are looking for in people who apply:

’“We are looking for talented people that have been obsessing over a B2B climate Adaptation problem and have the skillset to solve it, but have lacked the space and support needed to go ahead and actually build a company.”

Applications to the retreat are now open to anyone around the world and will close May 31st. You can find more about Founding Room and apply by visiting