PixelPlex Offers Transformative Metaverse Development Services

Enterprises are racing to stay up to date with Metaverse. PixelPlex uses its expertise in next-gen custom digital solutions to ensure they achieve these goals.

Online PR News – 21-April-2022 – New York, NY – PixelPlex, a leader in developing future-proof digital services and consulting, has recently launched its Metaverse development services. This is to help enterprises adopt and fast-track implementation of Metaverse solutions that integrate artificial intelligence, blockchain, immersive technology, and 3D engines. The company’s solutions are perfect for brands to engage their customers, teams, and showcase products and business operations.

“As the world and technologies we use daily change quickly, it’s undoubtful the next step is bringing the physical and virtual worlds close together. Metaverse is closing the gap between the two worlds even more by allowing people to simulate real-life experiences such as attending events, hosting shows and exhibitions, buying, or selling. It’s also creating a new space for enterprise innovation. We aim to help modern-day businesses grab the opportunity and build their own immersive experiences fast and seamlessly and stay on top of the evolving communication trends. We partner with enterprises and help them navigate this technology space to help accelerate innovation and growth,” said Alexei Dulub, Founder and CEO PixelPlex.

PixelPlex’s Metaverse development services are backed by a deep understanding of the technology’s business domain use cases and applications. This is in addition to experience building custom immersive technology solutions for businesses through augmented, virtual, and extended reality. These qualities enable it to help enterprises transition with all-around Metaverse communication ecosystems via future-proof tech that has the following main benefits:

Producing multi-million dollar value: Startups have an opportunity to grab the high margin before global giants are highly interested in Metaverse investments.

Driving unlimited partnerships: Diverse projects on Metaverse are creating global opportunities commercially and independently.

Rebooting tech standards: An enterprise can become a trendsetter in its niche by adopting the Metaverse solutions.

Businesses can rely on PixelPlex Metaverse engineers and designers for building robust Metaverse gaming, 2D and 3D art designs, crypto infrastructure, Non-Fungible Token (NFT) marketplaces, asset, and digital economies development.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex has been delivering robust blockchain solutions for businesses of all sizes for more than 9 years, improving their efficiency, productivity, processes, and bottom line.