Jay Reidsma Announces Candidacy for Tuscarora Township Clerk

Jay Reidsma of Indian River is announcing his candidacy for Clerk of Tuscarora Township.

Online PR News – 20-April-2022 – Indian River, MI – Jay Reidsma of Indian River is announcing his candidacy for Clerk of Tuscarora Township. Volunteers have collected signatures from residents of the township in support of his nomination. Individuals throughout the township responded with support and substantial signatures more than sufficient to place him on the ballot for the August 2nd Republican Primary.

With decades of experience as an automotive engineering executive, Jay understands the issues facing the township. He has been attending township meetings on a regular basis.

“I was asked to run by many of my friends and neighbors. After talking with my family, I feel it is my civic duty to serve,” Reidsma said. “The recent turnover in the Clerk’s office and township financial and audit issues are of great concern to residents – and to me.”

“We must get the township’s financial and audit problems in order. It’s alarming. We need to correct the recent audit failures and ensure we follow required procedures. Our financial policy and processes should not be under state supervision. The interim appointed Clerk is responsible for many of these deficiencies,” Reidsma said.

The township was required to submit six corrective actions plans to the Michigan Department of the Treasury as a result of the 2021 audit. To see the 8 pages of deficiencies from the audit CLICK HERE. Surprisingly, the Auditors missed the Sewer District-1 Bond amortization issue on the books for 8 years, but was discovered after months of cover-up.

Jay sees the many issues in the interim Clerk’s office as motivation to run for office.

“Audit failures, state control of our processes, lack of transparency and election integrity will be my top priorities. I believe I have the experience and skills necessary to effect change,” Reidsma said. “I also have great concern about the police department’s $1 million underfunded pension liability.”

“I will be listening to other voter concerns throughout this process. If elected, I will make sure they have a voice,” Reidsma said.

For more information, visit https://jayforclerk.com.