PixelPlex Informs About Its Polkadot Consulting and Development Services

PixelPlex helps to enable transparent and fair gameplay with its Polkadot development and consulting services.

Online PR News – 19-April-2022 – New York, NY – PixelPlex, a revolutionary blockchain technology developer, helps corporate entities to tap into the benefits of the Polkadot network with its Polkadot blockchain & development services. PixelPlex says its Polkadot services can be a pivot for companies to gain more ground by adopting more value-oriented products for impressive growth.

Through PixelPlex Polkadot developers offer clients protected transaction & data exchange; elegantly interoperable ledgers; and skyrocketing transaction speed.
The company’s CEO, Alexei Dulub, notes that all Polkadot projects that PixelPlex have handled succeeded due to the company's expertise, on-hand programming experience, and its team’s ingenuity. PixelPlex has expressed readiness, willingness, and capacity, to begin any project from scratch, mid-way, offer advice when building and deploying wallets, web3 solutions, metaverses, NFTs, smart contracts, parachains, and more.

PixelPlex Polkadot development services include the following: project consulting; Polkadot wallet & Defi solution development; smart contract development & audit; Polkadot marketplace & NFT development; and Polkadot dApps development.

The company’s Polkadot project consulting team helps businesses thrive in the shimmering waters of the ecosystem. PixelPlex offers advice on how to optimize blockchain technology, and achieve notable feats with ease.

PixelPlex highlighted on its website that it helps to master business-specific difficulties and provides apt solutions that address those pain points. Some offerings that make PixelPlex’s Polkadot solutions are EVM deployment; substrate framework customization; and protocols interoperability & parachain scaling.

To ensure every project it handles turns heads, PixelPlex optimizes its engineering path to adhere to the specifics of client demands.

Steps PixelPlex follows in its engineering process are outlining business objectives together with a client; then development environment setting; DApp UI design; Infrastructure engineering; front & back-end integration; dependencies installation; customizing pallets; connection of relay chain to testnet; and finally deploying parachain to the Polkadot network.
PixelPlex has developed and launched several Polkadot projects, among which is the Alpha One. The Alpha One is a DAO blockchain protocol built for the gaming industry. The protocol provides players with a scalable, secure, transparent, and fair ecosystem.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a blockchain-based solution vendor that helps businesses own high-performance software. The company has a decade of experience developing state of the art solutions to ease business pain points.