WrightWay Construction Announces Its Offering of Emergency Repair Services for Homeowners

WrightWay Construction provides low-cost, immediate assistance to those who experience damage to their property as a result of any disaster, natural or manmade.

Online PR News – 14-April-2022 – Christchurch, New Zealand – Coming home to find a house in tatters is any property owner’s worst nightmare. Natural disasters such as earthquakes and floods can wreak havoc on a property, which is why having a resource available to handle such issues is so important.

WrightWay Construction provides low cost, immediate assistance to homeowners in the Christchurch area who experience damage to their property as a result of any disaster - natural or manmade.

Post-Damage Clean-Up and Repairs
Hiring a construction company in Christchurch is the best way to successfully recover from significant damage to a home. Floods, fires, earthquakes, and other such incidents can cause serious issues, both to the exterior and interior of a home, which is why DIY repairs are not a viable option.

The professionals at WrightWay Construction have the experience and know-how to handle such clean-up and repair work. Homeowners in Christchurch can get in touch with them as soon as they realise the extent of damage to their property, and the company will send someone to the location as soon as possible.

Every such job begins with an initial assessment, as an expert company team member must take stock of the damage to a home. They have experienced such jobs in the past, which allows them to estimate what areas require the most work, and what repair work can wait for later.

Hiring this construction company in Christchurch not only means affordable repair work, but a free inspection. WrightWay Construction does not charge for the initial inspection of a home, even if the client chooses to go with another professional for the repair work.

WrightWay Construction has a stellar reputation in Christchurch. The company has many years of experience under its belt, which is why many consider it the number one builder and repair specialist in the region.

They have a team of 40 in-house builders and construction professionals. That allows them to quickly send out crews to various locations, ensuring clients do not have to wait days for someone to come perform an initial inspection at their home after damage from an earthquake, flood, or fire.

If there are extra inspections required, or some work is not within the expertise of WrightWay Construction, they are not afraid to bring in outside help. Clients should know that to this company, the customer is the priority. They want to ensure homeowners in Christchurch can quickly go back to their regular lives, having peace of mind that their home is a safe haven again.