DashClicks Launches DashClicks 2.0, A Platform With New Functionalities

DashClicks, a prominent white-label fulfillment service based in Florida, launched DashClicks 2.0 with exciting functionalities for digital agencies.

Online PR News – 15-April-2022 – Fort Lauderdale – DashClicks, a prominent white-label fulfillment service based in Miami, Florida, launched DashClicks 2.0, a platform with exciting brand-new functionalities for digital marketing agencies.

Chad Kodary, the CEO of DashClicks, said, "It's a monumental day for us here at DashClicks. Many things have changed inside the organization, and we will share with you the new updates, fulfillment plans, software plans, and all new apps that are available inside the platform now. DashClicks 2.0 brings new features and functionalities that will help you propel your agency business forward and scale it successfully."

"We wanted to create something amazing - something that will revolutionize the agency business and white label fulfillment in a big way. In January 2019, we decided to rebuild the entire platform from scratch, opened up a brand new server, and wrote the first line of code," Chad Kodary added.

The DashClicks ecosystem now comprises an all-new dashboard, highly functional and helpful apps, integrations, APIs, utilities, and Zapier to connect them with thousands of third-party apps. It will help agency owners save time and money and manage their projects better.

The digital marketing industry is quite lucrative, and it's booming worldwide. However, many agencies fail because they fall victim to a resource crunch and messy processes. Such agencies find it challenging to retain clients and scale their businesses.

DashClicks addresses these challenges by offering an ecosystem that helps agencies in marketing, selling, fulfilling, and servicing their clients, making it almost effortless. The built-in apps in the new platform help you create structured automation processes, enabling you to scale your business further.

DashClicks 2.0 is developed to save hours of unnecessary toiling and manual work for the teams. So, they can invest that time in brainstorming ideas to retain clients longer. It allows your clients to see what's going on with their campaigns, analytics, leads, etc., all from within their accounts.

The most significant advantage of using the new platform is that it helps agency owners scale faster and better, overcoming their biggest challenges. With DashClicks 2.0, you don't need to piece together dozens of software programs that barely work. DashClicks ecosystem is designed to avoid the everyday grind, freeing you to achieve more in less time.

To know more about the platform and how it works, visit the following link - https://www.dashclicks.com/platform/

About DashClicks.com

DashClicks is best described as a hybrid of a digital marketing agency and a software company. It has been offering digital marketing services to SMBs for over a decade now.

Over time, the white-label company has built yield-worthy processes, structure, culture, and reliable teams. However, throughout its journey, its mission has always been the same–to help small businesses create a truly transformational experience that impacts the lives of their employees, customers, and families.

The platform helps agency owners manage client campaigns and oversee their client campaign activity through their main accounts. DashClicks 2.0 also allows you to handle integrations, track analytics, and monitor website activity.

DashClicks offers agencies 100% white-labeled services alongside sophisticated software and tools. The agency owner can offer these tools and apps to their customers and prospects as if it were their own creation.

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