Farmonaut has partnered with Troforte for satellite crop monitoring in Australia & New Zealand

Farmonaut has partnered with Troforte Innovations to provide satellite based crop monitoring services in Australia and New Zealand.

Online PR News – 15-April-2022 – Bangalore, India – Farmonaut, an Indian start-up offering satellite-based crop health monitoring as one of its services, has partnered with Troforte Innovations, an Australia Based Innovative fertilizer company (a subsidiary of Sunpalm Australia) to provide satellite based crop monitoring services with soil friendly fertilizers to farmers in Australia and New Zealand.The Technological framework has already been deployed, and farmer onboarding will start soon. The company aims to map over 1 million hectares by the end of the current year to monitor crop health, water stress, evapotranspiration, soil organic carbon, weather forecasting, etc, using the technology provided by Farmonaut.

“On top of this field mapping, our advanced app ecosystem will provide the latest and continuous satellite data of all the mapped fields to Troforte Innovations to help them take farm-level actions well in advance. With several esteemed organisations already on board and using our technologies, the emergence of remote sensing in agriculture is imminent.” said Ankur Omar, Farmonaut’s founder & CEO.The Bangalore-based start-up is already working to resolve one of the biggest challenges in the Indian agricultural ecosystem. Remote sensing technology is very popular for monitoring farming fields, however, it is not ideal in India, due to the high costs often associated with it.

Farmonaut offers the most cost-effective solution, enabling farmers to identify crop-related problems without compromising on data quality, and providing a detailed analysis in an easy-to-understand format. Even for a small-scale farmer (less than 5 acres), Farmonaut says the cost of one month of satellite monitoring would be less than what one bottle of fertilizer/chemical costs. In return, farmers can monitor their fields remotely, and access data and analysis on crop health, vegetation water stress, and soil organic carbon content.As technology is growing in India, remote sensing technology for monitoring farming fields by Farmonaut became popular in India as It helped several farmers and organizations to monitor the health of crops during Covid 19 pandemic.Using Farmonaut, farmers can select their field and identify regions where crop growth is not normal. Upon identification, they can simply pay a visit to that part of the field and investigate if the problem has already started. If it has not, the farmer can take preventive remedies by applying more fertilizers, plant growth regulators, etc. If the problem has started, they can simply use Farmonaut’s crop issue identification system to get real-time government-approved remedies.