Clean Energy Enterprises and CAPTICO2 create a Waste to Hydrogen Carbon Sink Pathway

CEE’s Ways2H Waste-to-Hydrogen conversion process combined with CAPTICO2's CO2 mineralization solution converts renewable atmospheric CO2 to a form of stone.

Online PR News – 15-April-2022 – LONG BEACH, CA – Clean Energy Enterprises, Inc. (CEE), which commercializes Waste-to-Hydrogen conversion solutions through its subsidiary Ways2H, Inc., announced today that it has executed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement with CAPTICO2 of Straume in Norway, the developer of a unique CO2 capture and mineralization solution.

This Strategic Cooperation Agreement, executed on March 18th, 2022, allows the two companies the ability to promote each partner’s technology and develop markets together. Bundling CAPTICO2’s process with Ways2H’s systems will allow Ways2H system users to further improve the environmental performance of their operations by combining financial benefits, such as claiming additional carbon credits, to a significantly improved carbon impact. This cooperation also opens doors to additional markets for CAPTICO2.

Oddvar Spjeld, CAPTICO2’s co-founder and CEO said, “the markets we primarily identified were the large fossil CO2 emitters such as power plants, cement plants, steel mills and others. While we, of course, will continue to develop and address this market to reach a goal of 300 million metric tons CO2 per year by 2030, our cooperation with CEE opens the door to decentralized, smaller scale renewable carbon mineralization. Our technology’s features make this downscaling of carbon sequestration possible, unlike large CO2 injection sites, which are limited by geological conditions, as well as considerations of economies of scale.”

Biofuels are renewable and do not contribute to adding fossil carbon to the atmosphere, but when they are burnt, they emit “neutral” CO2. Hydrogen is the only fuel that only emits water when burnt, even in an internal combustion engine. Electrolytic Hydrogen, which is currently seen as the mainstream pathway for zero- to low-carbon hydrogen production, can only be considered as such when powered by renewable electricity and cannot be carbon negative. At best, it will only be neutral in terms of fossil CO2 emissions.

“Green Hydrogen, produced via electrolysis, powered by renewable electricity, will be a challenge to future large-scale production. The world needs all the renewable electricity it can produce to reduce our dependance on fossil fuels for conventional grid applications and the predicted increase in consumption for EV charging,” added Jean-Louis Kindler, CEE’s Chief Executive Officer. “Our Waste to Hydrogen solution is already a major improvement to hydrogen production pathways, as it is already a zero- to low-carbon solution with the added feature of addressing the world’s waste problem. Thanks to our cooperation with CAPTICO2, we will be able to propose a fully integrated, true carbon sink to send CO2 back to where it belongs: locked into stone.”

For every kilogram of hydrogen produced through the Ways2H process, there will be 32 kg of CO2 sequestered. This is equivalent to 3,000+ fossil-based passenger vehicles taken off the road for each Ways2H system in operation. The CAPTICO2 systems will be bundled as a standard to CEE’s Ways2H systems. The companies have already initiated work on a demonstration project in Europe. CEE will soon be integrating CAPTICO2’s solution to the Ways2H commercial systems. In addition, the two companies will also work on exploring and refining additional synergies between the two processes, which have already been identified as potential opportunities for process efficiency improvement.

Clean Energy Enterprises is a Cleantech solutions provider based out of Long Beach, California, that integrates technology components to build full turnkey solutions for the Waste to Energy markets. The company’s founding technology brick is a thermochemical Waste to Hydrogen conversion process, which is commercialized through Ways2H Inc., a joint venture between CEE and the technology developer, Japan Blue Energy.

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CAPTICO2 is a Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage (CCUS) solutions provider located in Bergen, Norway, developing technologies for Carbon Capture and Utilization, in close collaboration with world leading universities and research organizations. The company vision is to be world leading in offering high impact CCUS solutions with a goal of providing an annual reduction of 300 million metric tons of Carbon Dioxide by 2030 through worldwide implementation of the company’s CCUS technologies.

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