Open-Source Data Discovery and Observability Platform Update v0.4

Provectus continues to invest efforts into the development of First Open-Source Data Discovery (ODD) and Observability Platform.

Online PR News – 08-April-2022 – Palo Alto, CA – We are excited to work with the open-source community to release the v0.4 update that includes crucial enhancements to the metadata collection process and various improvements of UI.

The ODD Platform is an open-source data discovery and observability service for data-driven enterprises. By making data more discoverable, manageable and observable, the platform enables enterprise-wide democratization of data. It has the potential to close gaps that conventional data catalogs cannot fill, such as lack of standardized data collection, incompatibility of different catalogs, limited data lineage, and inefficient data quality and observability practices.

The platform’s v0.4 release includes several new features that make it easy to collect and handle metadata. The team has introduced “ODD-collector,” a new service designed to unify and simplify the collection of metadata. Token authentication for metadata collection has also been implemented to improve security. Now, teams who utilize the ODD Platform can find, preserve, use and re-use data in a more organized and secure manner.

Various small enhancements have been introduced to improve user experience, including:
Ability to check who has resolved alerts, and when
New microservices versions in UI
Proper visualization of long JSON-typed metadata
UI improvements

As usual, this release includes bug fixes that further advance the performance and reliability of the ODD Platform.

First Open-Source Data Discovery (ODD) and Observability Platform is a work in progress. The Provectus team thanks the open source community for its feedback, suggestions, and contributions. We look forward to working with you in the future.

Looking to find out more about the ODD Platform? Kindly visit the project’s page on GitHub to learn more and start contributing.

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