PixelPlex Elucidates on Its Cardano Blockchain Services

PixelPlex provides a never-before-seen Cardano engineering experience that has impressive benefits for DLT platforms, across multiple niches.

Online PR News – 07-April-2022 – New York, NY – PixelPlex, a blockchain development & consulting company, provides insightful information about its Cardano dapp development services. Through these services, PixelPlex can build a Cardano decentralized exchange, smart Defi layer, NFT marketplace, and help resolve non-trivial tasks with the help of the third-gen network.

According to the Company’s CEO, Cardano blockchain helps seamlessly close gaps in deployment use cases that are generally left uncovered with both first-gen and second-gen ledger capacity. Mr. Dulub also noted some of the technology’s benefits–this includes growing enterprise solutions through a scalable architecture; handling heavy hosting; launching notable projects that are fitting for mass audiences.

PixelPlex Cardano development services help businesses, irrespective of their niche, to edge out competitors through the adoption of energy-efficient and resourceful projects. Albeit, originally tailored for application in gaming, metaverse, banking, and fintech, PixelPlex has mastered ways to adapt it to other industries.

Cardano is well endowed with features to be a business growth catalyst. It offers a transaction fee as low as $0.1; transactions are confirmed in a flash; it has a uniquely upgradable multi-layer structure that’s thoroughly verified and tested by experienced regulators.

PixelPlex’s CTO, Viktor Pulyak, further explained the advanced scalability and confidentiality obtainable with this blockchain network. He elucidated that Cardano’s Layer 2 Hydra scalability protocol enables the network to handle as much as 2.5 million TPS with minimized latency. He also explained that Cardano allows its ledger users to opt for private transactions that use innovative algorithms to keep client activity on the platform secured.

By partnering with PixelPlex, the company promises to deliver transformative solutions by employing its Cardano engineering experience and providing top-notch Cardano ecosystem support.

PixelPlex has a portfolio of over 80 DLT products, and 3 Cardano projects over its 9 years of DLT expertise.

About PixelPlex
PixelPlex is a highly innovative B2B company with an impetus for crafting timely solutions that can solve both simple and complex business pain points. Within its decade of experience, it’s credited with playing an active role in the development of 2 unicorns.