LaSalle Network Publishes ‘What the Class of 2022 Wants’ Report

Staffing, Recruiting, Culture Firm Surveyed 2022 Graduates on What They're Seeking in Job, Company

Online PR News – 07-April-2022 – Chicago, IL – LaSalle Network, a national staffing, recruiting and culture firm, published its latest report, “What the Class of 2022 Wants,” which includes data collected from a survey to more than 2,500 upcoming 2022 graduates on what they are seeking in a role and company. As the seventh-annual report, this includes comparison data on what this class of 2022 is seeking compared to previous graduating classes.

Highlights of the findings:

80 percent of?survey respondents had?not?yet?accepted their first role out of school, but nearly half of respondents had received a job offer, which implies they are being more selective.

63 percent of respondents stated they would consider temporary work.

38 percent of respondents have held 3 or more internships throughout their college experience; however, when asked what concerns they have entering the workforce, “lack of experience” was among the top three, along with “compensation” and “sense of belonging.”

Top job-search tools respondents stated utilizing in their job search: job boards (Indeed, LinkedIn), career fairs and networking.

Top benefits survey respondents stated seeking include medical coverage, 401(k) match and dental insurance.

Top perks survey respondents stated they were seeking in their job search include flexible hours, in-office perks and remote work.

Only 11 percent of respondents stated they want to work remote full time and 60 percent of respondents stated they would prefer a hybrid schedule, working two to three days virtually per week.

For the last four years of graduating classes, each has chosen company culture, benefits, and location as the top three most important factors when evaluating a company to work for.

For more information on this data and 2022 graduate job-search trends, download the full “What the Class of 2022 Wants” report here.

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