Nottingham Trent University Scholarship Launched to Transform the Lives

A special Nottingham Trent University scholarship launched by University Living in collaboration with Nottingham Trent University.

Online PR News – 02-April-2022 – Nottingham (United Kingdom) – A special Nottingham Trent University scholarship that is first of its kind has been launched for the newly enrolled students who have booked student accommodation through University Living. University Living is a renowned student accommodation service provider company, which facilitates an easy way to book student accommodation in different parts of the world.

This Nottingham Trent University scholarship will be provided to the student on the basis of a social media video only to show their social impact. The students need to follow three simple steps in order to participate and further qualify for the scholarship.

First, they are required to fill out a form followed by the second step which is recording the video. The video should be based on showcasing their social impact. In the third step, they need to upload it to social media and tag University Living and Nottingham Trent University. The video should have a social message or anything related to social change. The social change may be like empowering the minorities. It can be some other change also for the betterment of society. Content will be reviewed and after that, the decision will be taken regarding the selection of candidates for the scholarship. The result will not be announced according to the likes or views. It will only be according to the merit of the videos. The decision taken by Nottingham Trent University and University Living will be final.

The total value of the scholarship will be €5000. It includes a €3000 tuition fee for the university and €2000 accommodation charges. The last date of submission of the application is 31st May 2022. There are many other terms and conditions that have been imparted to students who are keen to apply for this scholarship program. One of them is that only Indian citizens are eligible for this scholarship. In addition, the course of the student should be full time.

The students can apply for the scholarship by visiting the website of NTU or University Living. This scholarship program has given new hope to the students. It has given them a chance to get a quality education in one of the world’s renowned universities and live in luxury accommodation through University Living. It is being hoped that this scholarship program will be proven to be advantageous for students with low budgets but sharp minds also.

NTU works for bringing bright students to the education they deserve through the scholarship programs. This time, the program is being offered in an inevitable collaboration between Nottingham Trent University and University Living.
More such collaborations are being expected in the coming time; however, when it will take place has not yet been decided. However, there is a mammoth time left for submitting the application for the ongoing offer. So, this is the time to think about the current offer and apply for them. According to the terms and conditions of the scholarship program, one must need to submit the application by May 31, and no application will be accepted after the due date. It is being hoped that this scholarship program will transform the lives of many students.