RtistiQ Readies Charity NFT Auction For Ukrainian Artists and Drop Preview Now Live

Charity NFT art auction featuring over 1000 digital artworks by 50+ Ukrainian Artists. Preview goes live.

Online PR News – 02-April-2022 – Singapore – RtistiQ, an innovative curated online art platform based in Singapore, today revealed the artists and digital artworks from Ukrainian artists that will be up for auction on its charity NFT drop. The exclusive auction #NFTArtForAid is scheduled to take place online on RtistiQ and bidding will be open from April 7th 09:00 SGT to April 10th 21:00 AM SGT. The ownership of the digital collectables (non-fungible-tokens or NFTs) will be transferred to the highest bidder once the auction ends.

The NFTs are recreations of the artists physical works and have been minted by RtistiQ to make exclusive & authentic digital assets. All proceeds will be given to the respective artists who have had to flee their homes or can’t produce art through war but are committed to the freedom of art and human rights. RtistiQ will not charge any commissions to the creative artists part of this auction. Additionally, by enabling the smart contract on RtistiQ, the artists will be granted a 10% resale royalty.

Amid the Russia-Ukraine crisis, last week RtistiQ announced that the war had upended the lives of talented artists and through this initiative it aimed to see them regain stability, autonomy and passion so that they can continue to pursue the production of original art. RtistiQ is backed with innovative adaptive technology of the blockchain era, which allowed all processes to be carried out quickly and efficiently.

RtistiQ’s in-house curator based in France - Aude Rech is leading the project. She thanked artist Tatyana Binovska who shared the passion of supporting fellow Ukrainian artists and helped her connect with artists. Other artists who are being featured are: Irina Loktionova, Nataliya Bagatskaya, Laifalight, Anastasiia Palashynska, among others.

On February 24, everything changed for the artists. They shared their turbulent stories with RtistiQ on how their lives were currently shaped by violence and displacement. The artists felt grateful for the power of NFTs in bringing their works to the metaverse. Irina Loktionova said, “I have never marketed my paintings as an NFT. However, I will love trying this new format. For me, as an aspiring artist, this is great support. I now have the strength not to stop and to go further in my work. I am very grateful to RtistiQ and the NFT auction."

RtistiQ decided not to limit the auction to a few but feature over 1000 digital artworks by 50+ Ukrainian Artists. The company was able to aggregate all technology and art aspects and roll out the preview within a span of a few days. The range of possibilities for bidders on the type of art available on the NFT drop, like art itself, is wide. The NFTs are being minted on Polygon. The starting bid for the works ranges from $100 and up. All bids will need to be made in cryptocurrency or using a credit card. Without any other intermediaries involved and funds flowing directly to the artist, the initiative by RtistiQ is fully transparent and embraces accountability.

RtistiQ anticipates a surge of bids on the auction days and hopes to see many supporters in attendance. The company advised all art and NFT collectors interested in taking part in this auction to register in advance. Innovative fundraisers such as these have played a key role in using crypto and NFTs for a good cause.

The NFT auction page can be viewed on: https://art.rtistiq.com/en/auction/ukranian-artist-nft-auction

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